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2 May 2017


Dusting off the saddle after the many winter months that your bike has spent sat dormant in the garage is the first sign that the winter season is officially over. Getting out on a cycling tour, be it on your thin road tyres, or your chunky mountain bike treds, can be an enriching experience and one which will build a affection between you and your bike that will stay with you for years. Before heading out on your adventure, it’s imperative to get organised first to ensure you don’t fall short whilst on your ride.


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Taking on the asphalt and clocking up kilometre after kilometre on the smooth stuff is a tiresome prospect but one which if properly prepared will make you hungry for more. Power through your ascents, attack your descents and cruise the flats, all whilst taking in stunning scenery and forming an unbreakable bond with your fellow riders that you embark upon such a tour with. It’s easy to see the appeal of such a challenge. Have you packed properly so you ride the best you can? If so, then chapeau to you.


What the point in clocking up all these kilometres, only to not really know how far you’ve been, how much you’ve climbed and what places you can tick of the list? A GPS tracker is great for you to reminisce about where you went and can be great to jog your memory of that time your cycling buddy came up to a junction and didn’t get his feet unclipped in time and toppled onto the grass verge (we’ve all been there); but it’s also a great way to track your progress. You’ll most likely have a target in terms of distance and time to reach. By knowing how you’ve faired in previous days in relation to time and distance, you can weigh up how your legs feel, along with the profile of the next stage to gauge how to tackle the tarmac ahead of you.


Cramps and dehydration are a cyclist’s nightmare. Packing some electrolyte tablets to drop into your water bottle will help beat any signs of fatigue and keep your cadence up whilst your legs may have other ideas. When get the tablets, make sure they’re sugar free to avoid sticky drinks which won’t sit well in your gut whilst you pedal on. The other plus is you can get some great flavours which makes it much more exciting than just water.


You put so much time and energy into your gear and you build a bond with it after hour upon hour on it, so why wouldn’t you want to protect it? If you love your gear, then no doubt someone else will plus no one wants to end the trip short because of their equipment and even more so if it’s because it has been taken. Wherever you are riding, it’s massively important to lock up your bike whenever it is out of your sight so get yourself a decent lock and rest easy that it will be there when you get back.


It’s something we never want to think about but it’s an evil of all cyclists which we all have to deal with. Although thinking about rubbing cream into your nether regions is uncomfortable, chaffing is far from enjoyable and saddle sores are just painful. Stock yourself up with some chamois cream and apply it generously to prevent any issues arising.


At the end of those long days, you need to make sure you keep yourself entertained. You may think you’ll want to just go straight to sleep, but there will be some downtime where a pack of cards will be your absolute best mate.

Of course, it goes without question that having the right clothing is an absolute necessity. Equip yourself with the Women’s BREATHE Cycling Jersey is specifically designed as a super-lightweight and breathable jersey for exceptional comfort and performance. Add the BREATHE Sleeveless Cycling Jersey to our wardrobe, designed to perfectly regulate body temperature, it is essential for summer cycling. Finish off the look with the JULIER Bike Shorts to protect against any discomfort on the saddle and to continue the stylish outfit because after all, if you look good, you feel good.

For men, the BREATHE Stand-up Collar Full Zip Jersey incorporates technology to regulate temperature expertly, attributed to the innovative burn-out technology which makes the fabric lighter and more breathable in the manufacture process; not only that, it also looks great with its traditional styling. Ideal for warmer weather, the BREATHE Shorts are amazingly lightweight, making them ideal for warmer weather cycling. For added peace of mind, they also guarantee Factor 50 UV sun protection for when the going gets really hot. For added ventilation and comfort in the heat, the BREATHE Singlet adds an extra dimension with a mesh construction to let you cool quickly and effectively.

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Getting off the beaten track and taking on the rougher stuff makes for an incredible cycling tour from different perspectives. The more extreme route to take for the thrill-seekers is off road and those who aren’t up for the kilometres of road which meander their way up the hills. Instead a mountain bike seeks to get up to the top in the shortest way possible, only to tear back down it, avoiding roots, trees, rocks and just about whatever else nature can throw at you. To take full advantage, make sure you’re properly packed up so you can eat the trails up in style.


In a digital world, where GPS seems to have taken over, never underestimate the power of a map. Out in the wilderness, power and signal can sometime be an issue for those 21 st century folk on their shiny gadgets. Sometimes, throwing it back to the old days can be a better option, your map will never run out of battery. Whilst out in nature playground, there is something that just feels right about using a map and working out where you’ve gone and where you’re heading.


Possible you best friend on any cycling tour, but maybe even more beneficial on a Mountain Bike is your repair kit. If your bike isn’t take a beating, then are you going hard enough? Therefore you should expect a few mechanical issues and more than a few punctures along the way, so being equipped to resolve any issues is a must. A puncture repair kit at least and then a few spare parts won’t hurt and you never know what may drop off as you shake the bike into a frenzy.


Clipping into your pedals will help you on the bike no end, however once you’re off it, they’re not exactly ideal for exploring wherever you pitch up. Therefore a versatile pair of light shoes to carry with you on your tour is a must. It may sound obvious, but can often be overlooked.


Mountain biking is a tough slog. The name itself suggests that it not going to be easy and there is going to be a lot of climbing and exhilarating descending and all this gets the heart racing and the calories burning. When you’re touring, you know you’re going to have another day of exactly the same tomorrow, so refuelling is a must. Along with the obvious benefits of hydration, getting the right amount of calories in is a must. Replacing what you burn in the day will make sure that your stores are topped up and ready to spin the pedals again in the morning.


It’s just part of the job when it comes to mountain biking, you just have to look at the incredible landscapes that you’ll be exposed to and although you would love to keep them all to yourselves, it’s just not right. Take a camera with you and make sure you capture the best moments of your trip, in years to come you’ll be grateful and your Instagram followers will appreciate it too.

The most pivotal piece of equipment to making your tour as enjoyable as possible is the clothes on you back. The Women’s MORZINE T-shirt with Camo sleeves is the perfect match for you extreme thrill seeking personality. Its tapered construction guarantees optimum comfort and wicks any moisture and odour away. The MORZINE Cycling Shorts blend performance with casual style effortlessly, with all the technology possible to protect you in all weathers whilst you take on the mud and dust. The BIKE Mid Socks are constructed to provide support and comfort as they wick moisture away to keep your feet spinning those pedals with ease.

For men, the MORZINE line continues with its adrenaline seeking style. The MORZINE Cycling T-shirt has bold graphics whilst it performs expertly, providing reflective details and signature moisture and odour wicking properties. Complete your look with matching MORZINE Cycling Shorts. At home on the toughest to terrain, their all-weather properties keeps the elements out with easy to reach pockets for all your active essentials. Finally, get the comfort and support of the BIKE Mid socks to really get your biking tour off on the best foot.

Cycling has felt a boom in popularity through some adversity and it’s time to take on the cycling boom by planning a tour on two wheels to really discover the magic of discovering the world with your two legs being the only engine propelling you forwards.


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