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the art of

More than ever the skillful combination of individual layers to form a perfect whole plays a crucial role. For Fall-Winter 15, we go one step further with the ‘Art of Layering’, introducing modern, functional and extremely versatile clothing.

Layers that can be combined to create an entirely new look, while providing maximum functionality, are the result of our long-standing expertise. Our new Fall-Winter 15 collection features new technology and design elements, including quilting, innovative material combinations and hybrid products as well as fashionable all-over patterns. A special highlight is the cool denim look, artfully united with high functionality, which underscores the urban character of the entire collection.



Odlo has achieved entirely new standards in terms of functionality and comfort. People with an active lifestyle rely on our tried and tested sports underwear, which is a must have for serious athletes.

We effectively combine modern design and special materials. The finest natural materials such as wool and silk are interwoven with functional fibers into a highly modern product which, as the first layer on the skin, provides the basis for Odlo’s layering principle.


Midlayer garments are the perfect interplay between functional underwear and outer layers and, thus, complete ‘The Art of Layering’. True to the motto ‘Function meets style’, we feature versatile designs for all conditions.

Exciting design elements such as quilting, extra high collars or prints and patches inspired by our Norwegian roots, are brought together with functional materials, designed for every temperature and practice-oriented, detailed solutions.


Enjoying winter to the fullest places high demands on outer clothing. Versatility is imperative to respond to external conditions and functionality is a fundamental aspect of the entire collection.

This winter our outer layers are characterized not only by outstanding functionality but also by on-trend design. We have incorporated performance-oriented and proven materials such as Windstopper® or our specially developed Logic Windproof and have even incorporated down to provide upper-effective heat insulation. These features in tops, pants, tights and jackets as well as in a wide range of hats and gloves.