How to build endurance

9 Jul 2015


how to build endurance 01

Building endurance doesn’t happen overnight. Rather, it is the result of planning and pushing yourself further bit by bit. It’s built on the foundation of consistency and patience. Whether you’re adding an extra 50m to your run or an extra kilometre, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that each day you run more than your last.

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Take the next step in your performance with variations on your training. Use hills or trails to strengthen your muscles, run fast and slow with different combinations in pace as interval training. Run short and long distances. The more variety you have, the better you will get.

Running demands a lot from your body. By integrating stability training for your core and small muscle groups, you’ll help your body keep up the balance.

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Your body needs support to transform training to performance. Good nutrition with lots of vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, full grain, pulse and fish will help you stay healthy and support your body on its path to improvement. Need an example?

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Running should always be something positive. So stick to this and don’t push too hard. A relaxed mind will help you reach your best results.

Training is time consuming, and we all know time is precious. So combine your training with family and friends. Ask them to accompany you on a bike ride, or start with them for a run but continue on your own after some time together.

Ultimately, it's your passion that builds endurance. One step further is all it takes to see an increase in your performance. So get out there, take the next step, and be your best. It’s time for you to break #NewGround.