Stay Frosty with Odlo’s Crystal Run, the coolest 10 km in Paris!

20 Dec 2015


This is the time of the year when everything seems dull and cold and you have to fight the desire to hibernate. Your motivation to run might well have reduced to the level of chasing the bus and if this is the case, at Odlo we have put together The Odlo Crystal Run, a 100% fun running event to help you re-capture the joy you felt when you were out in the snow as a kid – building snowmen, taking part in epic snowball battles and rushing out to greet every first snowflake. So take part, rediscover your motivation and snap out of that hibernation now!


Crystal Run Middle


The Odlo Crystal Run is a 10KM run that is open to all and takes place on 14th February 2016. It will appeal to:

- Serious Runners in pre-season preparation looking for a good performance.
- Regular runners wanting to banish the cobwebs with an uplifting race after a hard winter.
- Biannual runners in search of the 10KM they promised to do during their New Year's resolutions ... in 2013!


Crystal Run Middle 2


Although the race takes place on the banks of the Seine in central Paris, it will magically transport you to the mountains where you will run free through the Odlo village complete with: igloos, chalets, tartiflette, raclette, gingerbread and mulled wine. At this event, Odlo will do everything to make you feel comfy in your sneakers and enjoy the joyous winter vibe.


Post race when you are winding down,  you can enjoy the after party organized in partnership with “La Folie Douce” and Deezer ... let your hair down fully knowing you deserve it.


To register please visit the event website -


Register and get a discount:


Solo: Register with the code " CRYSTALODLO ". This code is unique, viable only for SOLO registrations and allows you to register for a fee of € 30 ( vs € 35 for the general public ). The code will be viable over the entire length of registrations.


Team: Register with the code " ODLOTEAM " This code is viable only for team registrations of 4 member. With this code the registration is reduced to 100 € ( 4x25 € ) instead of € 120 ( € 4x30 ) to the general public. The code will be viable over the entire length of registrations.


Winter will be hot with Odlo! #WinterIsRunning #OdloCrystalRun