Last weekend the Scott-Odlo MTB riders were at the National Championships in Switzerland, Sweden and the Netherlands. Each of our stars once again showed a great performance.

Nino Schurter, Marcel Wildhaber and Andri Frischknecht started at the Swiss National Championship in Echallens.

World Champion Nino had another successful day and showed off all his skills in the saddle. After the third lap (of seven) Nino took the lead, which he held to the finish line, claiming victory once again teammate Marcel Wildhaber finished in13th place.

Andri Frischknecht participated in the U23 category and won the silver medal. Marcel Guerrini narrowly beat him.

Jenny Rissveds competed at the National Swedish Championship in Värnamo, Sweden. Starting in elite she once again showed all her power and talent finishing in first place and receiving another golden medal.

Meanwhile, Michiel van der Heijden participated in the Dutch National Championship. He had to fight hard and finally got the third place in elite.

Congratulations to the whole team!

Nino 2

Facebook: Scott Racing (17.07.2016)

nino 3

Facebook: Nino Schurter (18.07.2016)

Andri 2

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At the Swiss National Championship Nino took Gold in elite and Marcel became 13th in elite. Andri started in U23 and won Silver.

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Facebook: Scott Racing (17.07.2016)

Jenny 1

Jenny on her way to the first place.

Michiel Van der Heijden

Homepage Michiel: (18.07.2016)

Michiel had his race in the Netherlands and took Bronze in elite.