Which summer accessories do you need?

17 Jun 2016


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The hot weather and beating sun means your choice of kit changes in summer when you’re exercising, but that doesn’t mean that your exposed skin should suffer as result. Here are our top accessories that you need when running, hiking or cycling this summer to protect yourself and your skin.

Protect your eyes with the Visor Speed Cap with adjustable ergonomic fit, allowing you to run with ease without squinting in the sunshine. Alternatively, if you prefer full head protection, opt for the To Go cap that features a flexible band and reflective elements for increased visibility.

For a more relaxed look, try out the retro styling of the unisex Odlo Mesh Cap. Cotton twill and mesh panels are combined to create a distinctive look that also provides extra ventilation for sweat-free comfort on summer days.

Keep your feet comfortable and cool with the Low Cut running Socks Short that are nearly invisible when worn under sports shoes, designed for both sexes who undertake training and fast performance activities in the summer. Made with ultra-soft microfiber, mesh panels and arch support, these socks will allow your feet to breathe when running with maximum comfort.

Whether it’s a day on the mountains or a long testing walk, the medium-weight calf-length socks feel great all day, with polyester yarn twisted with wool for warmth and comfort. The aptly named All Round socks are ideal for any sporting activity for either gender, and have supreme technology built in to ensure your feet remain in comfort throughout.

To keep your head protected whilst hiking, the Jersey hat is a simple, smart beanie-style hat that is suitable for both men and women. The fabric is light and stretchable; with effective moisture management properties so you won’t build up a head of sweat! Easy and discreet enough to stash away in a pocket you can have this hat always on hand for when the conditions require a little extra warmth. Effective sun protection is provided out in the mountains with an impressive Factor 30 level UV protection.

Despite the summer often being warmer, there are still times on a bike that call for additional warmth and wind protection, especially when heading out early or staying out late. It’s at these times that you’ll be glad you packed your Velocity Legwarmers. Velocity Legwarmers take up very little space and are easily transportable in a pocket so you can access them easily at any time and add to any shorts or short tights to make them full length. Velocity Armwarmers are also available offering optimum protection in a lightweight, breathable material.

Keep your grip tight and don’t slip off your handlebars with the lightweight Endurance short bike gloves, made from Lycra with padded palms and adjustable cuffs. The mesh insert ensures perfect breathability. Or, if you want to feel like a rider from the Scott Odlo Racing Team, opt for the lightweight Scott Odlo Replica Lycra bike gloves with padded palms and adjustable cuffs.

Whether you wear it on your head or around your neck, the Odlo bandana provides perfect protection from any dropping temperatures and wind, for those evening rides. The fabric is highly breathable and wicks moisture away. Made from fast-drying F-Dry fabric. The functional fibre ‘Effect by Odlo’ uses antibacterial silver to banish the smell of sweat.



6 Sporting Events to look out for/get involved in this summer

1. Mont Blanc Marathon: Chamonix, France [26 June]

2. Marburg Marathon: Germany [1 July]

3. Tour De France, France [02 July – 24 July]

4. Ride London Classic, UK [31 July]

5. The Freedom Trail in aid of the Royal British Legion, France [19 September]

6. Midnight Trek: The Plod, UK [16 July]