The Importance of the Sports Bra

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Not everyone knows the importance of wearing a sports bra. That's why we produce our sports bras to ensure everyone's needs are covered, from comfort to support, every aspect leaves you knowing you can perform without any restraint or pain.


Sports bras are not just for those with large cup sizes and whilst we incorporate style into our range they are there for more than looking good. Support, comfort, performance and relieving pain are all main attributes for having a high quality sports bra making them one of the most essential pieces of exercise apparel a woman needs.


If there's anybody that knows the importance of the sports bra it's former long-distance runner, and now running coach, Ingalena Heuck. She has the experience of performing at the highest level and knows exactly what she needs from a sports bra to ensure that she can deliver her best on race day.



Performance and Health


"For women with bigger cup sizes the bra is really important to help you feel good and comfortable during your training. It gives you good support: if you put your bra on it should feel like your wearing nothing – there’s support and you don’t have to think about it anymore. So I think this is the feeling you need to do sports."


Suited To Your Needs


"The sports bra should feel good for you. Every woman is different and their body shape is different so especially your sports bra should be fitted for your body with the cup and also with the size from your upper body. You should really try to get a bra which is perfectly fitted for you." 


Why Odlo?


"Odlo has a really big range of different bras, for women with small cups but also really big cups – so there is the medium, the high and also the soft support. They have everything for every woman."

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