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How To Style Yourself For Sports

27 Jun 2017


Sport and exercise aren’t just about the activity anymore, as fashion and style have added a whole extra dimension to the sports and sports lifestyle experience. Part of achieving peak performance is looking as well as feeling your best and the right apparel is now accepted as an important factor in this holistic approach to sports. This also fits with sport and exercise becoming increasingly social activities (think gym classes, charity runs, run clubs and team obstacle events) and the online and social media ‘buzz’ around healthy living and fitness. There’s now a significant emphasis on how one looks and feels before heading out and getting active. Back in the day it might have been OK to chuck on an old cotton t-shirt, shorts once used for decorating and a pair of well-worn trainers; however now, in a world of technical fabrics and Instagram filters, how you turn out has become a part of the sports and fitness ritual – full off important decisions to be made with great consideration.


Your clothes are no longer merely a means to cover up; in fact, they’re a statement and they’re a performance tool and they’re something which you have to get right. Often getting into exercise and joining new clubs or classes can be a daunting prospect, so being comfortable and fully prepared is vital. Choose an outfit which flatters you and you feel good in; try and show off the parts of the body you’re proud of and make sure everything fits right, if it’s too tight or too baggy, it won’t sit correctly and you’ll be conscious of it. If it fits well and you feel great in the outfit, then you’ll be sure to go out there and jump into any exercise with no fear.

It’s not just the fit you need to be looking out for, the material is just as important a factor in terms of making sure you’re fitting in well with the others or standing out in a good way! As soon as you begin to sweat, an old cotton t-shirt that you grabbed from the drawer will absorb the moisture within seconds and hold onto it for the duration of your session; cue unattractive sweat patches. Instead, invest in apparel with technical materials which wick away the moisture, leaving you looking and feeling fresh throughout the whole workout. Not only do they help aesthetically, they also improve comfort as they stay lighter and drier than their cotton counterparts, leaving you to focus purely on looking and performing fantastically.

Choosing the right clothes goes a long way to achieving sports and fitness ‘karma’ and buying Odlo will ensure you can always be confident in how you look and feel #OneStepAhead. For women, fit yourself with the FEMININE SPORTS BRA. Comfort and functionality start at the base and this bra gives you the perfect foundation on which to build your outfit upon. It provides perfect functionality with exceptional performance and provides maximum comfort whilst you’re working out. Comfort continues with TREVO TIGHTS, that feature seamless construction, a tailored fit and Melange material together providing optimum movement without any areas of discomfort. Finish off your look with the fashion-forward HOLOGRAM 2-IN-1 TSHIRT. This t-shirt/tank combo oozes class and functionality with its breathable, light construction suited to all sorts of activities from the hardest of workouts through to casual jogs. Wherever you find yourself it will perform perfectly. Treat yourself to the JERSEY HAT to keep your hair in order and head warm when the odd chilly summer night comes around. With exceptional moisture management, the hat will ensure you’re looking fresh and dry throughout the toughest of sessions.


Getting your hair on point is a must, as you never know when your next Instagram moment is coming. What’s more, feeling good means you perform better, so for women we recommend embracing an updo. Regardless of how great your hair looks initially down and floating in the breeze, after just a few minutes of hard workout things can get very messy very quickly as sweat means damp loose strands will stick to your forehead and your cheeks which is never a good look. So keep it neat and out of your face, and will it be infinitely less irritating when you do work up a sweat. Create your best high pony tail, braid or bun and look completely unflustered even when your legs are screaming at you to stop.

For the guys out there, don’t think you can get away with rolling out of bed and heading out with your bed hair in full flow. The same rules apply, keep it neat and keep it tidy. If you’ve let it grow out, make sure you’ve got it up; there’s only a few guys who can get away with letting their long hair do what they want during a workout, so assuming you’re not Andrea Pirlo, keep it tied up.

As we all know, looking sharp doesn’t end with your hair, and kitting yourself out properly is a priority. Men can stand out from the crowd with the IMPERIUM PRINT RUNNING SHIRT which comes in a range of summery, bright colours. Buy a few so you can match the colour to your mood and keep one in your kitbag for après sport activities. Cut from hydrotricot weave, this shirt offers improved moisture management, essential for any serious athlete. It looks great, performs like a pro and it will also protect you against the sun. Match the shirt with a pair of DEXTER RUNNING SHORTS to really make a statement. These feature extremely lightweight material and a practical rear zip pocket. They’re a product that is designed to make you feel great and uncluttered and they won’t let you go unnoticed. Finish your look with the PRINTED GYM BAG and opt for either the modern bold design or our take on more traditional styling. Whichever way you go, you’re sure to be #OneStepAhead when it comes to your workout.


Many think that a bare-faced look is best for when you head out to the gym, however we wouldn’t hold it against you if you were to put a little make-up on; after all we’re all about looking great and feeling confident during exercise. For a flawless complexion, use a little tinted moisturiser or mineral foundation. It’s all about reducing the redness and the shine when you begin to sweat, which is where mineral makeup comes into its own with its ability to provide coverage and let your skin breathe. Most importantly, make sure that your mascara is waterproof or else things will turn ugly quickly.

The trickiest of beauty challenges for both men and women is to tone down the redness and to avoid a sweaty, oily complexion. Besides an Instagram filter, keeping it at bay has a relatively simple solution. Take a towel with you to blot away the sweat and to keep yourself cool which will reduce the redness. As well as this, the best fix of all is our old friend water; there is no substitute to keeping you looking and feeling cool and refreshed when you’re all-action. Make sure you drink plenty before, during and after the workout to ensure you stay at your peak the whole time.


As we’ve already said, when you look good and feel good, exercise comes easy and when exercise comes easy, looking and feeling good is natural. It’s a not-so-vicious circle that you need to find your balance in; once you do, you will discover a lot about yourself that you never knew before.


Exercise is proven to improve your health and make you feel younger than you are. Be it yoga, running or a few gym sessions a week, exercise is going to improve your energy and make you stronger, giving you a new found confidence and zest to live your life how you’ve always wanted to.


Working out makes you more responsive and increases arousal. It gives you the confidence in your appearance and body to think with a sexier mind set which powers your sex drive to levels you probably haven’t reached before. So if you start working out, you never know what other forms of activity are just around the corner.


As we age, our posture can take a hit, however with the right training, we can build our strength to support our body and ensure that we stay standing with our shoulders back and head held high. There have even been some instances when people have added an inch or two on their height after starting exercise.


After a proper work out, you experience a high which is induced by the release of endorphins whilst you push yourself. This high boosts your mood and leaves you feeling better and more confident within yourself meaning your life out of the gym gets better for the time you invest in it.


This may be an obvious one, but exercise does reduce fat. Try any fad diet you like, but the best way to get yourself into shape and looking great is by just putting in the hours. Exercise makes you healthier, more confident and even might help you out between the sheets too so get out there, be confident and watch your life change for the better because of it.