The new running collection


"You need motivation, a specific goal and the right equipment"

With our running collection’s versatile combination outfits, you can run literally anywhere and anytime. Skillful play between interchangeable articles of clothing and layering are the keys to this outfit - one that boasts maximum style, comfort and function. In this endeavour, we are especially grateful for Odlo’s product manager, Roberta’s, participation in the development process of our current running collection. She emphasizes three essential tenets for being a successful runner: "You need motivation, a specific goal and the right equipment."

"No matter the weather..."

According to Roberta, "No matter the weather, nothing should stop you from going outside." Furthermore, a good outfit should feel like a second skin. "The Zeroweight jacket meets these requirements perfectly." Its stretch fabric allows for maximum freedom of movement, while its low weight contributes to an easy, carefree running experience. "But being lightweight does not mean it cannot keep you warm. You can wear our Zeroweight products throughout the whole upcoming months." Down to the last detail, this jacket is designed for autumn and winter runs. For example, long sleeves with thumb loops and an opening for a sports watch help keep hands warm, while additionally the ladies jacket’s extra-high collar with breathing holes at mouth-level make wearing a additional tubes, neck gaiters and turtlenecks superfluous.

"For sure our Zeroweight tights go perfectly with the jacket. They are functional and, at the same time, give you a cool look that makes you stand out from the crowd." Thanks to an ingenious combination of fabrics and materials, our tights—just like our jacket—are highly protective. The forward-facing part provides wind protection, while the reverse side allows for moisture wicking and ventilation. This clever combination did not happen by chance, but rather is a direct response to a runner’s specific needs, dictated by natural sweat and heat producing areas in the body.


make use of the synergies

For the really cold days, Roberta recommends Odlo’s Loftone line. Here again, much emphasis has been placed on low weight. "The PrimaLoft lining is lightweight and dries quickly. Thus it's ideal for endurance sports.” This line, conceptualized for below-freezing temperatures is also perfectly suited for cross-country skiing. "Why should I buy a warm jacket for running and a separate one for cross-country skiing? Both are forward-moving endurance sports. One needs to make use of these synergies.”




Straight from our expert

Our product manager, Roberta, has successfully run the New York, Berlin and Boston marathons. Nearly everyday she put in the numerous required training kilometers and can, in good conscience, be considered a running expert. A last insider’s tip from Roberta wanted? " When it is ten degrees below zero, I like to wear the Loftone shorts over the Zeroweight tights. This helps to keep the most important muscles warm: the thighs and buttocks.”