28 Apr 2016


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When working out, it is crucial that you have the right sports bra for your body shape and size. Sports bras are important because they minimize movement of the breasts during physical activity. Different support levels are necessary for various activities in order or make sure you are not experiencing discomfort. 


When you’re exercising, having the best support from a bra is key. The Odlo sports bras are tailored to your needs as an athlete, whilst also taking into account your size and shape. The different designs cater to varying female bodies in a range of styles to suit specific activities. 

Alongside support, comfort is one of the most important factors when choosing a sports bra. Maximum comfort will help achieve high performance. Padding, moulded cups and adjustable straps are all features that increase the comfort level of a sports bra. 

Your body needs to be able to breathe when you are exercising. Temperature-controlled fabrics reduce sweating and increase comfort, keeping you dry and cool.  The Odlo sports bras are made with fast-drying F-Dry fabric that absorbs moisture and displaces excess heat. 

By reducing the ‘bounce’ impact with a sports bra, you are reducing the risk of muscle tear and sagging. It is important to wear a sports bra that fits you correctly, one that firmly fits but is not too tight. The adjustable straps on Odlo sports bras allow you to tailor your bra to fit you perfectly. 

The right style is dependent on the size of your bust as well as the activity you are engaging in. Thicker straps are necessary for women with a larger bust; and more padding can be needed if the activity you are doing is a higher-impact form of exercise.





Bras suitable for low-impact activities


The Soft Seamless Sports Bra has an elastic band under the bust, with a ribbed structure for extra support. It is designed predominantly for low-impact activity, with breathable, fast-drying fabric. The partial mesh inserts improve ventilation, keeping skin dry and cool.


Bras suitable for medium-impact activities


The Medium Seamless Sports Bra is ideal for moderate-impact activities. It has a ribbed structure maximising comfort and support. The functional fibre ‘Effect by Odlo’ uses antibacterial silver to banish the smell of sweat, keeping excess heat away.


For the fuller busted woman, the Medium Padded Sports Bra reduces the incidence of women’s breast ‘bounce’ by 75%. It is a super-versatile piece of kit with fully adjustable straps and under-bust elastic and comes complete with easily removable padding. Flattering form with discreet coverage, mesh inserts provide excellent ventilation.


Alternatively, the Medium Crossback Sports Bra is also suitable for moderate-impact activities, combining high levels of comfort with exceptional performance. The crossover straps and covered elastic will keep you comfortable, however hard you train.


Bras suitable for high-impact activities


For high-impact activities the High Padded Sports Bra provides the perfect support with its moulded cups and adjustable straps. Breathable, fast-drying F-Dry fabric wicks moisture and excess heat away to keep your body cool and dry.  


The High Ultimate Sports Bra also has moulded cups and adjustable straps providing maximum support. The High Front Closure Sports Bra features a front zip with the same qualities as the High Ultimate Sports Bra, suitable for high-impact activities.


Our sports bras are available from our website, great for a Mothers Day gift. The perfect sports bra is something worth investing in.