25 May 2016


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As an athlete, it is imperative that you are well hydrated before, during and following any physical activity. Hydrating before pedalling will prevent you drying out on the road. All the more important in the summer months, it is vital that you replace lost fluids and electrolytes. If your ride has been short, it will be easy to reenergise quickly. If your ride has been more strenuous and longer in length, you will need a higher volume of water to keep your body refreshed.

The well known ‘cyclist tan’ may allow you to associate with your fellow riders, but it is essential that you are fully protected when out in the sun. Cyclists are more likely to suffer from cumulative sun damage due to chronic exposure, which can lead to premature ageing and cancerous melanoma. Applying sunscreen before a ride and throughout is a must. You are recommended to reapply a new layer every hour, as 80% of sunscreen comes off due to sweating in hot weather. When cycling, it is advised that you should use at least SPF 30, or SPF 50 if your skin is more susceptible to burning.

To avoid the midday heat and reduce the risk of excessive sun exposure, why not try cycling in the morning or evening? The summer months mean longer hours of sunlight, allowing you the freedom to ride for longer. Not only is it cooler during these hours but also the roads will be quieter, with the possibility of witnessing a sunrise or sunset from a new perspective. Keep your eyes peeled, you may even spot some different types of wildlife too!

Winter months bring rain, wind and snow often creating hazardous conditions. Summer also brings its own perils that cyclists should be aware of. Hot days can cause tarmac to melt, leaving residue tar on the surface of roads. The debris causes grit and rubble to attach itself to bike wheels which can scupper your ride. In addition, summer storms can leave the roads wet and greasy, causing slippery surfaces for cyclists to bear in mind. 

Summer sun calls for a new kit to brave the heat, as you adjust yourself to seasonal conditions. Our tips include wearing a helmet with a peak to protect your ears, nose and lips from the sun, as well as investing in a pair of UV sunglasses. Alongside using sunscreen, it is important that you are dressed appropriately to ensure maximum skin protection whilst allowing your body to breathe. Easy perspiration is a must when looking for summer cycling kit.

The Breathe range is extremely lightweight enabling top performance when you ride. With unique designs and aerodynamic cuts, each piece has been crafted to allow your body to breathe no matter the temperature.


For Women

The women’s Breathe Cycling Jersey guarantees high performance in the saddle. Highly stretchable sleeves plus three handy back pockets and reflective details for visibility at night the Breathe Cycling Jersey is perfect in all conditions. A performance slim fit incorporates body mapping ventilation without additional seams, whilst a raw-edge sleeve hem, coloured zip and contrasting branded cuff ensure you’re noticed for all the right reasons. The Flash X Bike Tights Short has 12mm thick seat padding for optimum protection and comfort in the saddle, made from highly elastic, extremely tough, stretchy fabric. The Air Flow ventilation system with punched holes and air channels ensures maximum breathability. The functional fibre ‘Effect by Odlo’ uses antibacterial silver to banish the smell of sweat with an essential UV Protection of 50+ for the summer months.

For Men

The Breathe men’s Cycle Jersey regulates body temperature however long you are in the saddle. With burnout fabric technology that literally ‘burns out’ the fabric to make it lighter and more breathable whilst creating a pattern effect on the material itself. Additional style details include a coloured full zip, raw-edge sleeve hems and a stand-up collar. When the heat is on, you can fully rely on the Breathe men’s Cycling Tights. Super-lightweight and breathable, their short suspender style makes them ideal for warm weather cycling when excessive sun exposure can be an issue. A superb body fit is engineered via an anatomical, open-mesh bib structure combined with raw-edge hems.