What's your hiking profile?

13 May 2016


Hiking Profiles


If you classify yourself as a hiker, you have already put yourself apart from the people who walk around the local park. However, although hikers share a common enthusiasm for covering miles of trail, there can be many different styles and attitudes towards how you hike and when.

The vast majority of hikers are day hikers, who, as the name suggests, hike for one day at a time. With less equipment to carry and a shorter route to conquer, it is the perfect way for beginners to start getting into hiking. Normally, day hikers will trek for one or two miles, in a loop to return to their car. Without the weight of equipment and supplies, they are able to take in their surroundings and enjoy the environment they are walking in.

Overnight hikers are often known as base hikers as they set up a camp to return to. It is the next stage to day hiking, as it is normally for people who want to push themselves physically and wish to spend more time experiencing nature. By having a basecamp, hikers are free to walk to and from as they please on daily trails. It offers the luxury of not staying in a campground but still allows you to do overnight hiking.

Section hikers gain their name by completing one trail over a period of time, sometimes spanning many years. This type of hiking allows you to walk at a slower pace, with no time limit or pressure to reach your destination. Costs can be slightly higher as you travel from trail to trail, but it is also an incentive to keep your fitness high to make sure every time you restart the trail you are in the best condition possible.

Thru hikers aim to complete an entire trail within a year. It is also known as “end-to-end” hiking, as it is associated with some of the world’s largest trails such as the Pacific Crest Trail, Appalachian Trail and the Continental Divide Trail that are completed during one 12 month period. This form of hiking requires a higher level of commitment of time, money, and planning beforehand. Supplies, distance and location must be considered in advance due to the large number of dedicated hikers who tackle these trails, at any one time.

Rather than hiking, trail runners are focused on exercising and completing a trail as fast as possible. They often have few supplies, with just the necessary amount of water for their journey. Some trail runners have crossed distances of over 100 miles in one trip.

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