Running with Motivation

15 May 2015


Running with Motivation 01

"There are two kinds of people: the ones who can’t live without running and the others. While the first are addicted to it, the latter barely understand."

Ingalena Heuck

What is it that makes a runner run? Is it a goal? A purpose? Is it the passion to get outside and enjoy the elements?

There are many different motivations that inspire us to run. So we’ve joined up with inspirational athlete and Odlo Ambassador Ingalena Heuck to give you our top 5 motivation builders and attitude tips to help you break #NewGround, always be one step ahead, and get out there.

1. Have a Goal

To have a goal is to have a purpose. A reason for running. A milestone by which to mark your progress.

2. Evaluate

Every runner needs to be able to take a step back and evaluate their performance. What can you do better? What benefits have you seen that make you want to get back out there? If you’re doing well, be proud of yourself and use that as a mental catalyst to keep going.

3. Be Social

Running with a group or even just a friend is a great way to build confidence and make running fun. It also motivates you to go that one step further.

4. Every little bit counts

Even a very short run is better than no run at all. Take action. Do something today, no matter how small, that will position you for a great future.

5. Reward Yourself

Every habit has three ingredients; the routine (running), the trigger (what causes you to run), and finally, the reward. When you see yourself sticking to your goals and making progress, besure to reward yourself to encourage even more progress.

Running with Motivation 02

1. Be Resilient

To be resilient means to get back up when you fall down. To put failures behind you and keep going. A runner knows that the only way to improve is to keep running. Failure is an option, quitting is not.

2. Focus on Balance

Being burned out by a strict training regime is not helpful. A balanced runner can train hard and also know when it’s time to rest, both mentally and physically.

3. Practice Consistency

To be consistent is to do what needs to be done, even when there’s no motivation. It’s about making a decision in advance of what you will do and letting nothing hold you back.

4. Be Adventurous

A runner that doesn’t want to become stagnant will find ways to get out of their comfort zone. Whether it’s finding a new place to run, or trying new methods, being adventurous is key tomaking sure that running is always a new and exciting challenge.

5. Have a Purpose

Having goals is one thing, but having a plan to get there is another. It’s about starting off small and building your way up until breaking #NewGround is a perpetual target.

Running with Motivation 03

“Every run starts in your head. So you better prepare for it, because: How you start defines how will finish. Direct your thoughts to the positive aspects of running. This is time for you, and only for you. It’s your hour of release, the time to get rid of all the stress, negative energy and pressure. Focus on your strength, on your body and your belief. Your belief in yourself. This is your #NewGround. Enjoy the feeling!"

Ingalena Heuck