Nighttime Running

26 Aug 2015


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Not everyone is a morning person, and that’s ok. Breaking #NewGround is yours for the taking anytime of day from sunrise, through lunchtime, to sunset.

Nighttime is one of our favourite times to get active. As the city lights glow and the streets cool down, an urban run or brisk walk can end your day with a new found boost of energy. There are many ways to hit the streets and take advantage of the night. Here are Odlo’s top 5 tips for night time running and fitness:

As the sun sets, the city streets cool down and the temperature changes. A warm day can often lead to a chilly night. Being prepared with activewear layers as you head out to exercise will ensure you have everything you need to regulate your body temperature as you work out.

How energised will you feel when you get home after dark? It’s important that if you do a nighttime run that you do it a couple hours before bedtime so not to interrupt your sleep cycle. The benefits of physical exhaustion will make sleep easy and restful.

If it is especially cold, make sure you warm up with a brisk walk first. Doing so will allow your body to adjust to the temperature and workout, without too much of a shock. Take a look at our top tips for warming up .

Running by street light can be exhilarating. But because it is dark, it’s good practice to rely on your other senses besides eyesight. Avoiding wearing headphones or listening to loud music will help you stay in tune with urban noises. It’s always good to have as much awareness of your surround-ings as possible.

If you really want to go to the next level, grab a friend or two to join you. The companionship will help you to push yourself further, while also providing safety in numbers. Not only that, it also adds a fun aspect to the run, making it a fun way to end the day.

So go on, get out there. Your city is ready to be explored and Summer is the best time to get active by street light. From sunrise to sunset it’s time to break your own #NewGround.

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