#RunYourCity - Berlin 5k

30 Oct 2015


Berlin 5k Map

Berlin is a big, vibrant city with a green heart. It’s also a great city for running so we have selected two routes that we believe showcase the best Berlin has to offer runners.


The second (5km) showcases a different, less brash, more hidden Berlin. It pays homage to the peaceful, more secluded places that reveal as much about the heart and soul of this great city as its famous monuments. Enjoy...


The Route

When you run this city route you will actually feel like you are in the middle of the countryside. It features a beautiful park, tranquil spots, trees and the sweet smell of fresh air. You will be amazed at just how green Berlin actually is!


The 88 hectacre Treptower Park where this route is located is situated in the district of Treptow right by the River Spree with its wonderful view along the waterfront. The park has a rich history dating back almost 130 years and remains one of Berlin’s best places to chill out and recover from the stresses and strains of everyday life.


As you make your way towards the centre of the park you will be enchanted by the feeling of tranquility and invigorated by the fresh air as you hit the park’s flower garden. At the end of this 5 km run you run along the beautiful River Spree and the small canal boats moored along the edge of Treptower Park.


Treptower Park is big enough to get lost in and the wonderful surroundings help you fully concentrate on your running goals. What’s more there’s so many small tracks through the park that you can easily tweak your route as you go. There are so many options and so many different areas of the park that you could never get bored running here. If you’re still feeling good after 5 km – just keep going!


There’s even a bit of history at the heart of the park, with some tremendous statues and memorials honouring the Soviet soldiers killed in World War II at the Battle of Berlin.

Even if you think 5 km is a big challenge for you – trust us, time will fly by when you run through this beautiful and peaceful park. And when your workout’s complete, relax and enjoy a coffee in one of the small cafés situated in the park.


Download our 5k gpx map data so you can #RunYourCity with us!


Look out for more #RunYourCity features soon.


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