#RunYourCity - London 5k

5 Oct 2015


London 5k Map

The hustle and bustle of London may not seem an ideal place to throw on your running gear and hit the streets but we have devised two routes that will help you get the best from the English capital.


The second is a 5k run that will take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city and allow yourself to get lost in the wonder of the docklands area. Starting at Canary Wharf, you will run clockwise through the Millwall docks and along the River Thames before finishing among the skyscrapers back at Canary Wharf.


The Route

Jumping off the London Underground at Canary Wharf tube station you are immediately surrounded by a mix of tall skyscrapers and the fresh air coming off the River Thames. This open space, dominated by the rush of workers during peak times, is a perfect spot to start your 5k run that will take you away from the usual buzz of London and allow you to run freely through the Isle of Dogs.


As you make your way away from the towering buildings you will find yourself winding your way through the Millwall dock, a tranquil setting that offers a more peaceful experience than that of the city. Particularly enjoyable under the sun, you will cross the dock over a small bridge that separates the inner and outer dock.


This will lead you towards the Thames, first crossing through Sir John McDougall Gardens before hitting the riverside Thames Path, where you can really soak in the view of the city and let yourself run free into the wind.


The run comes to an end as you turn back towards Canary Wharf, cutting back inland passed the Museum of London Docklands and past the array of bars and restaurants along the North Dock. Crossing the water for a final time you will find yourself alongside the Canada One building in Cabot Square, where you can cool down in front of the fountain.


A run that can be done at anytime, whether you want to take a lunchtime jog or a run under the night stars, this route will give you some peace away from the heart of the city and has some amazing running views along the waters edge.


Download our 5k gpx map data so you can #RunYourCity with us!


Look out for more #RunYourCity features soon.


Our model was wearing the CRONO 2-IN-1 RUNNING SHIRT and KANON SHORTS.


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