Running anatomy: The challenges your body faces

3 Oct 2016


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Don’t let cold snaps and dark mornings put you off your running routine this winter. Free of charge, any place and any time, running is an ideal way to keep fit, stay active and beat any looming winter blues. However, your body can face various challenges when running so stay safe and injury-free with these top five pitfalls and how to fix them.

CHALLENGE 1: Breathing in the cold

FIX IT: Control your breathing, if you breathe in too much oxygen too quickly you aren’t allowing your body to get rid of the carbon dioxide already present in your lungs, starving yourself of oxygen. Slow down your breathing and try to relax when you’re running, allowing for a natural breathing pattern, resulting in a more enjoyable run.

CHALLENGE 2: Foot cramp

FIX IT: The quick fix for this all-too-common ailment is to slow down and stretch the foot, steadying yourself to a walk, gradually picking up the pace once your cramp has subsided. Your feet make more contact with the ground than any other part of the body so deserve some TLC. After a run, place a ball underneath your foot (tennis or golf are best) and gently roll it from your heel to the top of your foot. This will allow your tissues to be loosened and massaged, relieving tight tendons and aches. Try and do this for at least 30 seconds on each foot after every run, reducing the risk of cramping in the future.

CHALLENGE 3: Shin splints

FIX IT: Overtraining or a sudden change in routine or level of intensity is often the cause of this common complaint. The bones, muscles and joints become too stressed, causing pain or soreness in the inner part of lower leg that leads to swelling. Avoid shin splints by resting sufficiently between runs, icing if necessary and carrying out a proper stretching routine to cool down, allowing your muscles to gradually relax and for your heart rate to slow down.

CHALLENGE 4: Runners knee

FIX IT: To avoid a misaligned kneecap – or runner’s knee - it’s important to take extra precautions. Knee joints are prone to being worn down with exercise but this can be avoided to ensure your running routine is not disrupted in the future. Wearing appropriate, cushioned footwear will absorb some of the shock from the pavements as well as supporting your feet. If you’re prone to runner’s knee, wear a support band that keeps your joints in place, making your run more comfortable.

CHALLENGE 5: Chafing

FIX IT: Unfortunately chaffing is a common byproduct of running, especially when the distances increase and the weather takes a turn for the worse. The best way to avoid sores and raw skin is to stay hydrated. When you run, the salt crystals left behind dry and become an irritant. Petroleum jelly or bandages can be used to protect your nipples and reduce irritation when running. Female runners commonly chafe along the bikini line – especially if they wear thong underwear – so avoid restrictive underwear and choose comfort alongside fashion.

Finally, the clothing you wear has a significant impact on your comfort when running. We’ve created our ideal winter running outfit combining seamless technology with natural wicking material – finished off with stylish design.


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Attack the snow in style with the hooded cross-country vest that features PrimaLoft technology, keeping you warm when temperatures drop. This short-sleeved vest provides the best of both worlds – optimal protection whilst allowing complete movement for your arms. The full zip, high collar and hood allow you to adjust your coverage and regulate your own temperature depending on the conditions. With body mapping technology, the vest moves in sync perfectly with your body, with two side pockets to store your valuables in for convenience. The unique PrimaLoft hooded vest is available in gold, indigo or pomegranate.


Perfect as a winter midlayer or spring top layer, the Briana Hoody's seamless technology creates a snug and figure-enhancing insulation layer that offers unlimited comfort for serious running. Seamless knit technology is an innovative 3D rotary knitting technique delivering a high-stretch, body-hugging material that’s made with few stitches, ensuring maximum next-to-skin comfort and zero risk of seam abrasion. By incorporating different knit profiles into the seamless construction, functional zones are created that optimise stretch, moisture management and ventilation, keeping you feeling cool, dry and unrestricted, no matter how hard you're working. Pull up the snug, formfitting hood when the cold wind kicks in. Body-mapped wicking, warmth and flex zones help maximise your body's performance, while the lack of stitching ensures you'll feel great and look chic on the trail.

MAGET Tights

Battle the cold with these warm and soft Maget running tights that combine technical body mapping technology with a stylish look. The highly elasticated fabric provides stretchy, flattering comfort and total freedom of movement, while body mapping panels provide maximum support. Reflective details allow you to be seen in low light conditions with a hidden interior pocket that keeps bare essentials safe while you're training. A staple and must-have for this autumn.

High Support Bra

Bring a new level of confidence to your workout with our most supportive sports bra yet. Designed for women looking to reach their fitness goals with the best possible performance and comfort, the Flex HIGH's hybrid technology combines a highly supportive moulded inner layer with a high coverage elasticated outer layer. This outer layer keeps the bust close to the body during the most energetic cross-fit sessions, while evenly distributing pressure over a broader area, maximising comfort. The adjustable straps and back closure ensure a perfect fit for a variety of body types, while quick-dry fabrics and optimised breathability help keep you cool and dry throughout your workout. If you're after a performance sports bra that keeps you cool, dry and supported during high-impact activities, choose the Flex HIGH.


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QUAGG Midlayer

The Quagg 1/2 zip's seamless technology creates a lightweight, formfitting and performance-smashing insulation layer that offers unlimited comfort and freedom of movement, making this a perfect mid or top layer for colder running conditions. Made using seamless technology, this midlayer undershirt features body-mapped functional zones that deliver optimal moisture management and ventilation, keeping you dry no matter how hard your workout is. With next-to-skin comfort and zero chafing from seams, this midlayer will not let you down. The higher neckline and half zip design lets you zip up to keep out cold drafts, or zip down to quickly dump heat when temperatures rise. Body-mapped wicking, warmth and flex zones help maximise your body's performance, while the absolute minimum of stitching ensures you'll always feel comfortable, no matter how long you're out on the trail.

FURY Print Tights

Switch your music on and your brain off – enjoy your run with these Fury tights. They are perfect for enjoying the last of the mild weather before winter sets in. The drawstring waist makes sure the tights always stay in place perfectly, however long you’re out running. Reflective prints on the calves and thighs keep you visible no matter the time of day. A back pocket for an MP3 player, keys or cash rounds off the impressive list of features.

DEXTER shorts

Dynamic, sporty and extremely lightweight – that’s the Dexter Running shorts. The integrated briefs and adjustable waist ensure a perfect fit. There’s space to store your essentials in the rear zip pocket. Thanks to reflective elements, you can also be confident that you’ll be seen in the dark.

Ingalena Heuck, a runner, sports scientist, coach, nutritionist and Odlo ambassador tells us why she keeps running in winter “I always feel fresh and fit. There are days I don’t feel like running but once I have conquered my doubts I feel proud and strong. Try it out!”

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