4 easy ways to Warm Up

19 Jun 2015


4 easy ways to Warm Up 01

For many years, static stretching was seen as the very first thing you should do to prepare for a run. But recent research has shown that it can lead to a greater chance of injury. If you're ready to push yourself further, go harder, and break your own #NewGround, then warming up is the new way to go.

Here are four easy ways to get yourself going:

4 easy ways to Warm Up 02

Start with a brisk walk. A brisk walk will take your body out of rest mode and into workout mode. As you walk, slowly increase your pace until you are at a light jog. It will bring up your temperature, as well as enhance blood flow so that when it’s time to get going, you’re ready.

4 easy ways to Warm Up 03

Change your speed by bringing your jog up to a faster pace for fifteen seconds, then back to your jogging pace. Do this several times with wider strides than normal. This will take your body from walking mode to running mode.

4 easy ways to Warm Up 04

Dynamic stretching is the act of stretching while moving. This style of stretching allows you to extend your range of motion, while also increasing blood and oxygen flow. Dynamic stretching should not be jerky or forced, but should represent the bodily movement undertaken during a run. Skipping, light kicks, and sidesteps are examples of dynamic stretches that target the correct muscle groups used during a run.

4 easy ways to Warm Up 05

Warming up is about a slow build up to make the process easier. The less you have to push yourself, the further you’re able to go. The runner’s life is based not only on properly warming up before a run, but warming up your motivation and training to warm up your endurance.

No one goes from starting with a light jog to running a marathon overnight. A runner will create a goal, formulate a plan, and then achieve it. Growth comes in increments, and it always takes the first step. Take a step beyond.