Winter Running Guide

19 Nov 2015


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Benefits to running in the cold months are aplenty (exhilarating, mood boosting, keeps metabolism strong, burns more calories – to name but a few), yet we sometimes lack the motivation to hit the pavements in winter. So we have created the Odlo Winter Running Guide, everything you need to get your backside running outside this season! 

If you are warm, the cold doesn’t feel so cold and it isn’t such a shock to your body when you head off outdoors. Increase your heart rate and warm up your muscles before your run – simple burpees, running up and down the stairs and jumping jacks will help get you warm and ready for the outdoors! 




Running kit is key! Layering is the perfect way to ensure you stay at optimal temperature throughout your run, so you can shed the layers as your temperature rises.


Start with a moisture-wicking base layer, add a mid layer for warmth and finally an outer layer jacket for wind and rain protection if required.


Adding a running gilet will give you that extra warmth for super cold conditions or negate the need for a jacket.



Running Guide Layer Up

Running Guide Layer Up Products


Running tights come in all different levels of thickness and degrees of warmth, so it’s a good idea to buy for the season. For extra warmth, layer up with a pair of running shorts


As a mandatory, your kit should be lightweight, breathable and extremely comfortable.


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Running Guide Be Seen





With the nights closing in earlier it’s imperative that you stay safe and be seen. Fluorescent colourways are very much on trend in the running industry so choosing high vis and reflective kit has never been easier. If your route is very dark, don’t be shy about adding a head torch to your kit to light your run – see and be seen!



You lose most of your body heat through your head and hands when running as they are mostly left uncovered. Cover up with a hat, or headband and gloves – all of which are easy to remove and compress into pockets if needed.


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Running Guide Stay Warm

You tend to feel less thirsty in the colder months but you still sweat a lot when running in winter, so it’s important to keep up the fluids.

Running Guide Navigate





Plan your route so you don’t get lost going off the beaten track. GPS on smart phones are a great way to keep you out of trouble, but if you like to run light, it’s advisable to plan right! For long runs in unchartered territory, it’s always advisable to let people know where you are going.

When it’s icy, wet or slippery your footwear needs to respond to the weather conditions. Choose shoes that have the grip and technology to complement your running environment – whether it’s Gore-Tex to keep you dry or deep rubber lugs to prevent you slipping, it’s imperative you have the right kicks to prevent injury from slips.

Cold weather and wind can play havoc with your skin – dryness, chilblains and wind-burn are some of the common side affects. Moisturise pre and post run to winter-proof your skin.

Change out of your running kit as soon as possible in order to keep your body warm and prevent the chills. Cold, wet clothing is never pleasant, nor is it any good for your body. 

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