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31 Mar 2017


It’s well known that getting out and clocking up the miles is only going to be good for you; but what does ‘good for you’ actually mean? We’re often told that running has many benefits, without really knowing exactly what they are, so we looked into how it will revitalise your life. 

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We’re sociable beings and getting out and being around people is great for our minds. Running is a great way to meet new like-minded people and to develop a group of friends who you can call upon when you want to get out and tread the streets. The social side of running has been shown to give you more energy, improve patience and elicit humour that will make you happier in general, as well as in your running life. There are a range of running clubs aimed at the serious runners, the weekend runners and the occasional runners amongst us, making it easy to catch-up with people with similar aims. Running and socialising releases endorphins in your body and thus improves your mood, so by joining the two together, you will dramatically reduce stress and avoid depression.

New gear makes everyone happy, without fail. The Odlo WHIRL Jacket for women couples’ beautiful design with expert functionality. It’s super lightweight, windproof construction packs down into its own sleeve and can be carried with an elastic strap, making it the perfect jacket for when the weather can’t make up its mind. Match the jacket with the TEBE T-shirt and SLIQ Tights for the ultimate look. The TEBE T-shirt’s F-Dry fabric and the technical features of the SLIQ Tights will guarantee you run in comfort and style. Finally, the RUNNING Low Cut Socks, which sit invisibly in your shoe, provides ventilation and support, will allow you to focus on staying #OneStepAhead.



Getting running is great for your body, from your bones to your heart, via your waistline. Running boosts metabolism, requiring your cells to demand more energy and therefore burning more calories. Getting slim through running isn’t a given however; you need to be sure to be disciplined with your food and by avoiding that extra doughnut as a ‘reward’ after your run, you’ll be sure to see the pounds drop soon enough. Running also helps with increasing bone density and improving your cardiovascular system. Your heart gets stronger and pumps more blood around your body, making your whole body more efficient and healthier; it’s a fail-proof way of maximising your time on the planet.



You know those people; those who are full of confidence, strolling around with their radiating demeanours as others look on thinking ‘what are they doing so right?’ We all want to be like that, but they’re not doing much more than anyone else, but what they could well be doing is running. Running makes you proud and fills you with confidence. By reaching goals, be it getting out in the first place, or completing your 5th marathon, you’re sure to be making not only yourself proud, but your loved ones around you too. Looking good also makes you feel good and by getting into shape and kitting yourself out in the best gear, you’ll be feeling great, looking great and standing tall.

Make yourself proud and kit yourself out properly. The Odlo WHIRL Jacket for men is designed to provide effortless style and optimum performance. Being super lightweight, the jacket folds down into its own sleeve whilst on the move, but is robust enough to tackle the wind when the weather changes. Complement the jacket with the TARANIS T-shirt and KANON Shorts to finish off your outfit. The TARANIS T-shirts striking design will get heads turning but will allow you to power on. Its windproof front panel protects whilst the breathable rear manages your temperature expertly. The KANON Shorts built-in tights provide comfort, whilst designed to stand out as you go. Lastly, the MUSCLE FORCE extra-long socks provide graduated compression to enhance your blood circulation to stay #OneStepAhead.



As age moves on, youth can be stalled. By running, you can stay young both physically and mentally. When age does catch up with you, running increases the efficiency at which you use your energy; as a result, keeping you more active when you should be winding it down. Running also increases the production of the human growth hormone to help produce new cells. The great bit about running is how accessible it is for everyone. By getting into a club, you will meet people of all ages and walks of life. If you’re years are not so fledgling, but your mind is still budding, getting out on a run with your younger peers and rediscover your youth.



Running is great for the mind, it makes us more focussed and motivated and is a great place to get away from your stresses. By managing problems and organising your mind whilst out on a run, coming back into the real world is a lot easier. As motivation increases, getting things done becomes natural and with more energy from an active lifestyle, you can take it all in your stride. Running can get tedious, no one is denying that, but by learning the pros of exercise through it, you can incorporate new activities into your routine to learn a range of movements, skills and vocabulary through exercise.


You’ve seen how running can improve your life, from your body to your mind. Join the movement and get out into the world to explore just how running can reinvigorate you.