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17 Feb 2017


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We’ve all been there, on an exercise high, training regularly, seeing improvements and generally feeling great about ourselves. Then for whatever reason, it all comes to a halt; you pick up an injury, a change of jobs, life gets busier and your exercise has to take a back seat; we get it, it happens.

Once you’ve stopped, the biggest fear is realising how much of the progress you did make has now been lost; but once you’re through that, use these tips to help you over the struggle of getting going again to be back to your best in no time.



Why’d you stop exercising in the first place? Did you stop creating time for yourself? Don’t fall into that trap again. Odlo ambassador Ingalena Heuck says ‘training is as important as a meeting with your boss. This time is YOUR time. You need it.’ Allocating time for exercise is not always that easy, things crop up which you don’t expect. However by ‘creating a training plan and writing it down in your calendar’ you’ll find it much easier to put these things aside and get out in your trainers, suggests Ingalena. Being able to tick of sessions from your list is really quite satisfying.



Regardless of how long you’ve had off, it’s unrealistic to think that you’re going to hit the road in the same condition as you were before your hiatus. Be realistic about your aims, Ingalena recommends setting up a SMART model for you to set yourself an achievable but challenging aim. By generating a goal that is Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic and Time-related, you’ll be able to quantify results from effective training and it will keep you striving to reach a goal that’s within your capabilities. Once you have your aim set, ‘don’t start too hard, just put on your shoes and go for a run at a pace of basic endurance.’ Ingalena explains, adding that ‘time is more important than pace.’


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Friends play a huge part in getting you back into shape and picking which ones you spend the most time with will have a major impact on the success of your comeback. Find friends that are in a similar position to you or that have recently got back into sport and use each other as motivation. A great way of finding similarly like-minded people is through exercise groups. Being part of a collective will help you get out in the first place and push you once you’re there. Finding good people that you want to spend time with will keep you coming back for more.



Keep yourself interested this time around. If you grew progressively tedious of your exercise before the gap, don’t fall back into the monotonous routines that killed your inspiration last time around. This time, don’t be afraid to mix things up. From a runner’s point of view, Ingalena knows all too well how changes in exercises can save you from slipping into tedium. She mixes up her running sessions after some time out with long endurance runs, shorter intense runs and some short intervals. This is relatable to any sport; by changing your exercises, you prepare your body much more effectively with different types of movement which gets your whole body working again. It also goes a long way to keeping you interested.



People often underestimate the benefits of strength throughout the body and only focus on the areas specific for their sport. Whatever your chosen discipline, adding in strength training to your plans will only help performance. From lifting weights in the gym, to body weight exercises in your living room and even yoga, building up a strong core as a base for the rest of your body will give you the potential to train harder and limit the risk of injuries. Adding exercises that you’ve maybe not done before and having sessions that are completely separate from your chosen sport can add some excitement. It can also provide an extra bit of motivation as you learn new training techniques and about how different parts of your body can help improve your overall performance.


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For your return to exercise and training, having the right gear can give you an extra incentive to get out and exercise. Once you’re up and going, making sure you maintain an optimum temperature, by staying dry and comfortable is a necessity and will mean you perform better as a result. Equipping yourself with the Sports Bra FEMININE SOFT bra will ensure you stay comfortable during exercise whilst topped off with the HOLOGRAM 2-in-1 t-shirt to look great during exercise. Add some edge to your outfit with the reversible EBE tights to get heads turning. For men, the technical IMPERIUM running t-shirt quickly wicks away moisture to keep you comfortable whilst the KANON shorts look after your performance with their built in tights. Keep it all together and look great to and from your sessions with the PRINTED GYM BAG over your shoulder.


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