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3 Mar 2017


Getting back into sport often needs a catalyst to get you going. Getting new gear and some exciting equipment is a great way to give you a motivation boost to get back onto the track, road or trail. With the right gear, making the transition back into sport is a fun and exciting prospect.


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Our ‘Back to Sport’ expert, Ingalena Heuck loves wearing a watch when she is out clocking up the miles, be it a training run or on race day. ‘The only thing I take with me is my watch to document pace, heart frequency and distance’ explains the German long distance runner. Documenting pace and keeping an idea of your split times is a great way to keep your pace up and make sure that you’re hitting your targets. When making your comeback, keeping a target keeps you focussed and you’ll benefit from better, more effective workouts because of it; rather than exercising without a real goal. Therefore being able to keep track of how you’re doing with a watch is a great use of a gadget to keep you #OneStepAhead.



It’s the ongoing debate within exercise and fitness circles and no one can seem to decide on what is best. ‘The most effective and important thing for training is motivation and fun’ according to Ingalena. Music has shown to boost motivation and give you an extra kick to get you through your workout. So, if listening to music motivates you to push yourself further and harder, it can be a great help for making the leap back to fitness. Studies have also shown that a musical stimulus can block out some fatigue and reduce your perception of your body’s limit. Therefore, in those final few hundred meters of your work out, an inspiring drop could be the difference between bursting through the finish line and stumbling over it. The other side of the argument raises safety concerns, however by keeping your wits about you and using earphones wisely can be a great benefit.


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As we discovered earlier in the series, recovery is a factor just as important as the training itself when getting back into shape. Mixing in the use of specialist equipment with traditional static stretching and recovery run techniques will optimise recovery. Using a foam roller or a ‘recovery stick’ after exercise allows you to target specific muscles to draw away lactic acid and diffuse tender spots to allow you to reach peak performance sooner after the workout.

Compression garments can also help aid recovery and dramatically reduce the effects of delayed onset of muscle soreness, making them an essential part of your work out equipment for your comeback to sport.



The most influential equipment is your clothing. With stylish, comfortable clothing, looking and feeling the part can go a long way to inspiring you to get moving. As the most personal piece of equipment you use, kitting yourself out in clothes that not only look great but peak in performance is a necessity. Ingalena’s story with Odlo started when she borrowed a technical Odlo shirt for a race and as her relationship has developed, she continues to look for the clothing that will bring out her best performances; she specifically looks for ‘a pocket and a watch hole’ in her jacket as well as technical materials. Odlo clothing matches style with practicality and performance to keep you motivated, comfortable and in the best conditions to get back into sport.


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The Odlo MINERVA training shirt for women has a seamless structure to guarantee ultimate comfort during your workout. The design wicks away moisture and improves ventilation to ensure you stay dry and warm so your workout is as enjoyable as possible and your motivation is at it’s maximum. Your running clothing also allows you to express some personality. When you look great, you feel great and with the Odlo EBE tights bold prints, you can stay bang on trend without any compromise on performance. The Odlo FITNESS SOFT sports bra is reversible, giving you the choice of two styles to rock during your sessions and its seamless construction ensures maximum comfort when you’re pushing your limits. By matching the three, you’ll have an ultra fashionable look that will have you working out with your head held high.




The Odlo CRIO t-shirt for men has built in ‘Effect by Odlo’ technology to eliminate odours as well as body mapping technology for ultimate comfort. Staying on top of the fashion isn’t reserved just for women, the Odlo HAN shorts for men ensure the jealous glances come your way too whilst out on the trails; their technical features ensure a flawless performance whilst their exciting, modern designs get heads turning. To top off the look, make a statement with the VIGOR running tights. With their bold prints and reversible feature, you can mix up your look for every workout on your way back into sport.




Over the Back to Sports Series, with expert advice from Ingalena Heuck, we’ve looked at what exercises and workouts are best to get you going again, how best to recover, relax and recuperate and what equipment you should be investing in to make the experience as effective, enjoyable and good-looking as possible. With this insight from Ingalena, there are no excuses for not getting back into sport and taking advantage of just how rewarding, motivating and enjoyable exercising can be.


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