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6 Sep 2017


What a triumph! This summer Odlo was the proud and successful sponsor of the Tortour. Two Odlo teams were at the starting line of one of the largest, multi-day non-stop cycling events in the world. The race started and finished in Schaffhausen, Switzerland totaling over 1,000km over several Alpine passes in only two days. People took part individually or in teams. The demanding nature of the event takes not only physical strength but mental persistence. Reaching the finish line and crossing the line in one piece is a fantastic achievement and we’re proud to say that the Odlo team was part of that experience.

In the “four-man team” category, the One Wheel Ahead team with our Product Manager Tom Louage completed the course in second place. A fantastic achievement. In the “two-man team” category, the Odlo I team with Sandro Cattaneo, our Country Manager for Switzerland and Austra finished 7th.

We’d like to thank and congratulate all our colleagues for taking part. Tom's team included Jan van Berkel (triathlete and Odlo Ambassador), Marcel Wildhaber (cyclocross rider Scott-Sram MBT) and Jonas Baumann (cross-country skier from Swissski), a perfect way to show the team spirit driving Odlo's world. Sandro's trusty teammate was Gregor Bürgisser.

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For One Wheel Ahead, "the atmosphere in the team was very relaxed, we had no pressure to win. The motto was "just for fun", remembers Ramon Kälin von Odlo International. "The performance of each individual athlete was outstanding, the guys were giving it one hundred percent at all times". Unfortunately, the team had to fight with a mechanical problem on the second section, which cost them a disadvantage of 15 minutes. Marcel Wildhaber had a strong performance up the Sustenpass, even Fabian Cancellara had no chance. It was a head-to-head race with the Steiner Bakery team, so the leadership consistently changed. "After 30 hours and 11 minutes, our team arrived happy and healthy at the finish line. We’re extremely satisfied with our performance and this 2nd place, as the whole team had never participated to Tortour before and we had to learn a lot. A big thank you also to the Odlo crew! Next year we will start again", says Nadia Erni (Head of Sportsmarketing).

All in all, a fantastic event further encompassing the Odlo ethos of getting out there and staying One Wheel Ahead.

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