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Fitness Training With Nino Schurter



Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be hard, especially when you have limited time to workout or can’t access a gym easily. The Scott-Odlo team have come up with the perfect Fitness Guide with simple exercises that allow you to push yourself physically in any environment – from your front room to the local park. With the perfect gear and a positive mind-set, you can exercise in clothing that allows your body to breathe, achieving full flexibility and movement.



A core strength and balance exercise, testing your ability to stay strong and hold your own body weight either in the traditional plank style, or on your side, varying the arm position, making sure to keep it inline with your body at all times. For more of a challenge use a roller during the side plank to take your workout one step further, keeping a controlled position as you move up and down the mat.

Take up a lunging position with your shin on the floor, pushing your hips forward in order to stretch out the front of your hip. Doing this stretch in-between exercises will minimise the risk of injury, as well as making sure your muscles are prepped for the rest of the workout. 

Skipping acts as an intense cardio workout, pushing yourself to increase speed as you train, testing your core strength as well as having to maintain concentration and coordination. This exercise can be done in your back garden or in any open space, so can easily be worked into your daily routine. 

Sit-ups on a ball, balancing your legs in the centre and using your hands to do press-ups, are common workouts with the use of an exercise ball. To challenge your body further, why not try balancing on top of an exercise ball and juggling? Sounds easy, right?

Incorporate weights into your workout to target key parts of the body. For example, kettle bell lifts focus on your gluteal and bicep muscles. Disk weights can be included into lunges or standing routines to add movement, increase resistance and variation to an exercise session. 


The fitness and training Odlo products contain individual pieces which when matched with one another; create a comfortable and breathable outfit, exactly what is needed for a workout.


For men, our Evolution x-light Shirt offers the lightest, most seamless baselayer on the market – ideal for intense sporting activities in high temperatures. When paired with the Evolution x-light Boxer Shorts your underwear is complete, offering excellent ventilation, keeping your skin cool and dry. Layered with the Kanon Running Shorts for extra comfort, 36-degree reflectivity and style, the men’s fitness range is all-inclusive for any workout you take on.


For women, our Medium Padded Sports Bra, a versatile piece of kit with adjustable straps and under-bust elastic, keeping you cool and comfortable. The Yotta Running Tank offers the perfect top layer, with a clever design that encourages the free flow of air around the body whilst you are running, ideal for the spring and summer seasons. To finish, the Samara Running Shorts, lightweight with a slim fit, designed with a soft, elasticated waistband available enabling premium efficiency. Alternatively, stay on trend this summer with the EBE reversible tights, paired with the Trevo Shirt, which includes Odlo’s Effect technology that harnesses the antibacterial power of silver to combat sweat related odours.