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Holmenkollen 2017: Odlo successfully kicks off its new partnership with the Norwegian Skifest

30 Mar 2017


Odlo had two amazing weekends at Holmenkollen, Oslo.

As the official partner of the event since this year, the brand, born in Oslo, had several reasons to celebrate this return to its roots.


First of all, all 2,000 volunteers working on both Holmenkollen weekends were extremely happy with the Odlo gear that we provided them with, as the bright blue color of their jackets made them visible for visitors who needed help, asked them for a hot drink, or just wanted to say Grüezi. And while the starting line space was reserved for the FIS sponsors' logos, hundreds of volunteers decked in Odlo have been seen walking on and around the slope. Furthermore, biathlon world champion Martin Fourcade, in his beloved Odlo gear, won the master race on Sunday and received the Biathlon Crystal Globe later that day, during the Final Evening of the 2016-2017 season. All athletes were in high spirits as they wrapped up the season with a party to remember.

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Back to Odlo and its 3-year partnership at Holmenkollen. The Skifest, that counts a total of more than 100,000 visitors over 6 days, is the third event in Europe for Odlo after the Engadin Ski Marathon, of which Odlo has been a partner since 2015, and the Odlo Crystal Run launched in 2016 in Paris.  The event, that officially launched 125 years ago, is now split in two weekends, one focusing on Cross Country Skiing and Ski Jumping, and the other on Biathlon. Holmenkollen's attendance is very international, as we have seen a lot of French, Japanese, Polish and German flags, besides of course the Norwegian and Swedish ones.  "In addition to the competitions, we work on the atmosphere. This year for the first time, Holmenkollen also offered food trucks and a concert on the opening evening. It's not only sport… ", commented Kristin Vestgren Sæterøy, CEO of the Skifest.

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After this promising kick-off, Odlo and Holmenkollen are already on for a second round of sports and fun with Holmenkollen's Summer edition in June. A successful partnership that echoes the motto of Odlo's founder, Odd Roar Lofterød - "always make sure that you are one step ahead"!