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Lunchtime Running

30 Jul 2015


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A lunchtime run is a great way to make use of your time. It allows you to get your workout done when you’re already in a productive mood, leaving time to socialise and relax before and after work. When the sun is highest and the city is buzzing, a lunchtime run can leave you feeling invigorated for the rest of the afternoon.

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Here are some practical tips to make the most of your lunchtime run.


1. Get a running mate
A colleague or nearby friend will not only make the run social and enjoyable, but also inspire you to get out there daily.

2. Start a running group
If one running mate is good, imagine how much better it is in a group. As a group you can encourage each other to go
further and reach higher. Setting a goal that the entire group can achieve will not only boost camaraderie, but also
build endurance for everyone.

3. Have a variety of routes
There are countless ways of running within a 5 - 10km radius. Having a variety of routes not only keeps each run
interesting, but it allows you to see more of your city. For a really fun challenge, try running somewhere new every day.

4. Prepare that morning
Preparing in the morning, or even the night before, means that you’ll find less excuses to get on with it. Make sure to pack
the essentials: running shoes and gear, a towel, and a water bottle. You can also throw in some headphones if you really
want to get in the mood.

5. Warm up
Before going straight into your run, warm up for ten minutes or so. Here’s the Odlo guide to warming up.

6. Cool down
You don’t want to go back to your office right after a run. Leave fifteen minutesto slow out of your run. Bring your pace down
to a light jog for five minutes, followed by a walk for ten. You’ll also want to delegate some time to getting changed back into
your work attire.


You have everything you need to get out there and break your own #NewGround. You don’t need to separate active from lifestyle. Give it a go tomorrow, you’ll be glad you did.