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Marathon Training With Ingalena Heuck

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It’s a new year and resolutions have already been made. Are you going to take up more running? Maybe even tackle a marathon this year? Whatever your resolution is, make sure it is personal to you to give you the best chance of sticking to it.


For those looking to tackle a marathon for the first time in 2016 or those who are looking to improve on their previous marathon times, we have a comprehensive insight into marathon training from Odlo ambassador and former professional athlete Ingalena Heuck.


She most recently ran in the Wings for Life World Run in Munich, winning with a distance of almost 50km, ranking her 9th on the 2015 results by women in the event worldwide. So she knows what she’s doing and you’d be wise to listen to her advice on training themes ranging from the difference between marathon training and normal running, as well as the nutrition and diet requirements needed to run a marathon.



Well, marathon training differs in the way of the intensity. If you want to run a marathon you should have a strict plan, you should have your long runs, which should be between 30 and 35K. So marathon training is really specific and really intense, so if you want to run a marathon you should focus on your training. It's tough but if you don't train your race will be even tougher so focus on training to have a perfect marathon.

Well, nutrition requirements change in the amount you eat. If you run a marathon or if you train for a marathon you have way more loss of calories and you should get those calories back, so try to focus on good protein sources, long change carbohydrates and good sources of vitamins and minerals.

Well, sure. I love to run the marathon but I always say the half marathon is also a "whole thing". So I think you should ask yourself ‘is my body able to run a marathon or not?’, ‘do I really have the time to run the marathon or do the training for the marathon?’, ‘is my family also ok with that?’ And if you can answer all those questions with yes, then try to go for the marathon. But there are people who are also fine with the half marathon. Do what you feel like, this is the most important thing.

It's really important to focus on you, focus on the race, focus on your body focus on your needs, if you can really get everything else away, you will have a perfect race and this is what you need.

Well, it is a mix of being completely smashed and also being completely in heaven because it's beautiful to finish a race but to be honest I don't really differ from running a half-marathon or a marathon. It's always great to finish a race and it doesn't really matter how the time is. It's just this beautiful feeling of having completed something.

Well, my personal best race was this spring in Munich when I went to ‘Wings for Life World Run’. That was a completely spontaneous run and I wanted to run 30K and in the end ran 50K, because in this race there was a car coming and the car was your finish line and I didn't know how far I was going, I just knew when this car was coming then I will finish. But if I run faster I would have to run further, so in the end I did almost 50 kilometres with some guys I didn't know before. I was just flying over the road, it was pouring down rain all over the race but it was just very special. I can't even put those emotions together it was beautiful.



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