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Socks are for life, not just for Christmas

18 Nov 2015


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Let’s face it, when you work out, whether it be a run, a stint at the gym or a cycle, you want to do so in total comfort. It’s important to have the correct gear to exercise in, from your base layers right down to the socks you wear on your feet.


A good pair of socks can make the crucial difference between a great run and a gruelling trek. Sport socks help to protect your feet whilst reducing the risk of developing blisters and painful calluses.


Cotton socks are a no-go when it comes to exercising; they offer no moisture control, which often results in sore and sweaty feet.


That’s why Odlo have designed a range of socks made with soft nylon tactel microfibres for the ultimate comfortable performance socks.


These running socks will provide you with all you need to run in comfort. Made with soft nylon tactel microfibres for the ultimate feel on your hard-working feet, they also offer you perfect moisture management to prevent your feet getting damp, even when you work up a sweat. Not only will your feet stay dry as you run but they are visible via a reflective print.

The suitably named all-round socks are perfect for undergoing any type of sporting activity. Manufactured with polyester yarn twisted with wool for warmth and comfort, these socks are unmatchable for quality, preventing friction and skin irritation no matter how fast you move on your feet.

Odlo Ski Warm socks do a crucial job in keeping your feet warm, dry and supremely comfortable out in the snow. Enjoy the comfort as you move around in these extra long, medium-weight socks that feel beautifully soft on your calves and feet, courtesy of the use of high-quality polyester yarn twisted with wool.

Specially designed to take the weight off your feet, these long ski socks still provide great warmth whilst still being lightweight enough makes your feet feel free. NanoGlide technology minimises friction and prevents any irritation on the skin, while perfect reinforcements further add to the comfort.


You’ll be amazed at the difference a high quality pair of socks can make to your sporting performance.


Odlo will ensure that you’ll be pleased to receive socks in your Christmas stocking this year! Put our RUNNING SOCKS, ALL-ROUND SOCKS, SKI WARM SOCKS EXTRA LONG and SKI LIGHT SOCKS EXTRA LONG on your wishlist.