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5 easy and fast stretches

3 Aug 2015


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Breaking #NewGround is more than just having the right characteristics and motivations. It’s also about improving your techniques and strategy to improve your fitness and health.

Stretching correctly is one of the most important things to add to your workout. Here are some quick and easy stretches anyone can do:

SS15 Stretches Quadriceps 492x313

The standing quadriceps stretch focuses on the quadriceps (front thigh muscles).

  • Stand next to something solid and lean hand on it for balance. Keep feet hip-width apart.

  • Using right hand, pull right ankle towards rear end.

  • Hold for 15 seconds and release.

  • Alternate to left hand and left ankle.

  • Hold for 15 seconds and release.

SS15 Stretches Hamstrings 492x313px

Like its name implies, a hamstring stretch will loosen up your hamstrings, bringing about optimal performance. It is recommended that all static stretches like these only take place after running.

  • Keep back straight and lift left leg up to platform, also holding it straight.

  • Reach with your left arm to reach your left toes.

  • Hold for 15seconds and release.

  • Alternate to right hand side.

  • Repeat.

SS15 Stretches HipAdductor 492x313px

The adductor group of muscles make up the largest mass of muscles on the inside of the thigh.

  • Stand upright with legs more than shoulder-width apart.

  • Have left foot turned out, while placing body weight on right leg.

  • Lower body to a half-squatting position by bending the right knee and sliding left foot outwards.

  • Ensure left leg is kept straight.

  • Hold for 15 seconds and release.

  • Alternate to right leg out and left leg as support.

SS15 Stretches Psoas 492x313px

Psoas stretches work on the hip flexors, ensuring hip and knee health.

  • Kneel on your right knee with your left leg forward and right knee at 90-degree angle.

  • Keep front foot directly below your knee as you tuck your pelvis under you and slowly lunge forward.

  • Avoid arching lower back.

  • To add an abdomen stretch, raise your arms overhead.

  • Hold for 15 seconds and release.

  • Alternate to right leg forward, kneeling on left knee.

SS15 Stretches Calves 492x313px

This classic stretch focuses on your calves and can be done anywhere.

  • Stand just under arm’s distance towards a flat surface.

  • Put your left foot forward and right foot back, while keeping feet parallel.

  • Bend your left knee while putting weight on your right heel.

  • Hold for 15 seconds and release.

  • Alternate to right foot forward, left foot back.

“Short muscles are weak muscles. Reach your full potential with a complete training program. Start with some mobilisation exercise for your hips, followed by your main program like running, cycling or fitness. Finish your session with 10 to 15 minutes of stretching. Stretching after a moderate session supports your muscles to recover faster, to keep the length and to reach new levels of fitness. Around 5 stretches for each side is enough for a start. Hold each stretch for 15 seconds.”

Ingalena Heuck