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Cross Country World Cup - Tour de Ski


Val di Fiemme, ITA. Dario Cologna was forced to leave the Tour de Ski early because of a muscle injury to his calf and returned to Davos on Saturday evening. At the beginning of the race Cologna showed strong form and, together with Martin Johnsrud Sundby, he took the lead. But around the 10th km it happened: Dario pulled his left calf muscle. Despite the pain, our tough athlete finished the race in Val di Fiemme in double poling. Unfortunately, with the injury it was not possible to start at the last stage of the Tour de Ski on Sunday.


Cologna will now face a minimum of three weeks out, forcing him to take a break from skiing. We wish him a quick recovery and hope to see him back stronger than ever at the next competition!


The Norwegian Martin Johnrud Sunby could celebrate the day's title on Saturday as well as the overall victory of the Tour de Ski 2016 on Sunday! It was Sundby's third victory of the Tour de Ski in a row. The victory puts the 31-year-old equal with Dario Cologna, who also won the Tour de Ski three times. In the women’s category Therese Johaug powered up the final climb with the fastest time of the day and took the overall Tour victory over her teammates.


All in all, the Swiss Ski team produced a strong performance at the this year's Tour de Ski. Jonas Baumann (20.), Toni Livers (23.), Curdin Perl (30.) as well as Nathalie von Siebenthal (23.) finished within the top 30.


Furthermore, Nathalie von Siebenthal and Toni Livers finished the race with a fantastic climb up to the famous Alpe Cermis battling its sharp rise. Good job!

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Ski Jumping - 4-Hills-Tournament


Bischofshofen, GER.  Bischofshofen was a satisfactory end for Simon Ammann and his previous history with this ski jumping hill. Finishing eighth, Ammann secured his best result of the season. He emphasises: "The history turned good in the end. For me, it is a victory over the bad results from last year."


The Slovenian favourite Peter Prevc won the 4-Hills-Tournament with four podium places. Gregor Deschwanden couldn't produce the results during qualification and finished 49th.


In the Biathlon world things are looking tough for the Swiss Ski team. But we do not give up on them and will support the team with the very best performance clothing they can have!


In the Sportpanorama on SRF you can find a summary of last weekend’s action in German.



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