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Ultra Run Rarámuri - 180 km in the Canyons of Mexico

30 May 2017


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For the second edition of the Ultra Run Rarámuri which took place from April 21 to 30 in Mexico, Odlo asked blogger Jean-Pierre Run Run to test the Ceramicool technology in adverse conditions.

If you have read Christopher Mac Dougall’s bestseller “Born to Run”, you already know the Rarámuri, a Native American people also known as the “Tarahumara” – this is how the Spanish conquistadors named them. They are particularly famous for running in sandals. Although a number of tribes do run in sandals across the world, this indigenous people of the Copper Canyon is able to do so over several hundred kilometres. In defiance of all scientifically-driven preparation, they admit that they run just for fun…

An outstanding run

The Ultra Run Rarámuri is a 180 km race with 10 000 m of cumulative elevation gain, somewhere between the UTMB and the Diagonale des Fous. Still, this race is more about adventure than speed. The 10 or so French competitors know from the start that they are no match for the armada of Rarámuri runners. Some then have chosen to live a great adventure rather than enduring such a harsh race.

This is the case of Jean-Pierre Run Run, the famous blogger and runner. He tours the world to pursue his passion for running, and shares – through articles and videos – the landscapes he runs through as well as the encounters he makes over the course of his travels.

Real-life testing for Ceramicool

Our adventurer – and tester – was equipped with the new t-s Ceramicool, the first technology capable of cooling skin temperature by up to 1°C, thanks to the integration of ceramic particles directly into the fibre. t-s Ceramicool is seamless – to avoid friction – and benefits from a UPF of 30, particularly useful at the bottom of the canyons, where the sun is blazing.

The race begins

The starting signal is given at 6AM, releasing the 8 – somewhat crazy – Frenchmen who dared to challenge the 14 Rarámuri on their own ground. From the start, the Rarámuri race ahead, leaving no hope to the “gringos”. As the day passes, the scenery changes with great diversity. From the cold of the night to the scorching heat of midday, the runners experience many changes, in terms of both temperature and elevation. The first 80 km of the race – which are the most demanding – are the hors d’œuvre, while the remaining 100 km serve as the main course…

Kilometres clock up for our “tester”, who regularly dons and doffs layers according to the ambient conditions – which vary massively between day and night. He is also able to test Ceramicool’s cooling capabilities as well as the windproofness of the Zeroweight jacket and the insulation of the Evolution baselayer. An expertise in layering that Odlo’s designers master to perfection.

Hours, days and kilometres mount up. Jean-Pierre, who is taking part in his first ultra-trail race, gets directly into the swing of things and discovers the ups and down of that type of race.


All in all, Jean-Pierre runs the 180 km in 75 hours. In spite of the difficult terrain and his lack of experience in this kind of race, he crosses the finish line with a broad smile on his face, which reveals much about what is going on in his head at that moment! Feelings mix up. He feels like laughing and crying at the same time. Happy because the hardship is over, but also sad because the adventure has come to an end.

He embraces his fellow runners, Alexandre and Vincent, while the organiser awards him a well-deserved Finisher’s Medal.

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