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Urban running with the Raptor and Tebe performance top

29 Mar 2016


runrunWe all know cities can have temperamental weather, so rain, wind or shine, it is important to layer up in order to be prepared. No matter the conditions, the Raptor and Tebe shirts will allow you to perform to your full potential. Perfect for daily running, these shirts allow high performance with maximum comfort.

The new Raptor running shirt for men, with fast-drying technology and optimal moisture management, helps you reach your destination with ease. Created for optimum performance, with an Odlo Permanent Antibacterial finish, the Raptor shirt is a staple in the Spring-Summer 16 range. Boasting a colourful pattern and a lightweight, the Raptor shirt design is multifunctional, practical for use when training and running.


The female version, the Tebe running shirt, holds the same qualities as the Raptor with a fast-drying fabric, ensuring your body temperature remains controlled and comfortable throughout your run.


Running in the city can become tedious when following the same old routes and repetitive surroundings. Perhaps, it’s time to change your outlook on urban running and have an adventure. We have come up with 5 ways to spice up any running routine:


5 tips to liven up a run in the city


  1. Change your terrain

    Instead of running the same streets day-in day-out, why not venture to new ground? Try mixing up your routine by running through a park, or up a nearby hill to push yourself physically. If possible, trail running is a great way to increase your endorphins to a much higher level than if you ran on a flat, tarmac road. The added bonus is that you avoid traffic and heavy pedestrian flow.


  2. Meet a friend halfway

    Even if you prefer to set your own pace and run independently, have a go at taking a break at a local coffee shop or open space to give yourself an incentive to reach a destination. If your friend is a fellow runner, you could complete the final section together adding a sense of camaraderie to your workout.


  3. Run from landmark to landmark

    Every city has points of interest, so if you want to be more visually stimulated on your daily run, why not plan an expedition for yourself, hitting landmarks around a city. This will not only create a more exciting route, but each destination point allows you to stretch or do a mini workout.


  4. Exploit your surroundings

    If you enjoy the outdoors and don’t want to be restricted to the confined space of a gym, get outside and explore your local area. Use steps and stairwells for cardiovascular training and park benches for step-ups.


  5. Run early morning or late evening

    By changing when you run in the day or night, you will see things from a new perspective. Why not wake up extra early and witness the early morning sunrise, or run late at night (making sure you’re visible) to avoid pedestrians and busy traffic – enlightening you to a new way of running.


Have a go and put these tips to the test. The city is your playground.