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19 Feb 2016


Spring-Summer 16 Collection


SS16 New Collection Header2


It’s time to look ahead to spring and a lift in temperatures. With that comes the pleasure of releasing our new collection and we want 2016 to be known as the year of being light – ‘lighter than the lightest’ to be precise – as we incorporate a featherweight theme across the entire range.


It’s not just about being light for the sake of being light, either. A real focus of this year’s Spring-Summer collection is performance and the lightweight properties that run throughout the range will ensure performance is not only sustained but also enhanced by our apparel.

Our summer underwear collection features the Evolution range that looks to appeal not only to the sports performer but also to the regular gym-goer who is participating purely for fitness. A seamless design and materials on the Evolution range ensures ultimate comfort and guarantees optimum temperature management and rapid drying. . “Effect by Odlo”, a unique anti-bacterial feature in the sports apparel market, is another strong feature of the Evolution range. The functional effect fibres woven into the material and containing silver ions prevent the reproduction of bacteria and effectively stop the development of an unpleasant smell, without chemicals.


2016 02 17 Evolution

2016 02 17 Running

Whether you’re a serious runner targeting marathon after marathon this year, someone who is looking to complete their first 10k or just starting out on the roads a couple of times a week – our running collection is there to help you achieve your goals. Features of the running collection echo that of our Evolution underwear, bringing you clothing that is so light that you’ll forget it’s there! Features include a Pack Me! solution that allows for the easy packing of our lightweight Whirl jacket.


‘Faster. Lighter. Further’ is the inspiration behind this summer’s bike collection. Aerodynamics play a key part in the range as we look to make the elements a bit easier to tackle, in particular the wind that will be combated by aggressive cuts and modern fits. Ventilation on those blistering summer afternoons is also a key component and we ensure that there is no unnecessary weight bringing you down.


2016 02 17 Bike


Ensure you continue to follow our blog for more detailed insight and exciting additions to the collection over the coming weeks and months.


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