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3 Feb 2017


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At Odlo, we appreciate how motivating running with a partner can be and recognise how it improves your social life, your health and your mood. The thrill of adventure keeps us running and we want you to share with us your favourite place to run with a partner by using #WhereWeRun and tagging @Odlo in your Instagram pictures.

Still not convinced about teaming up with a partner, or still running alone? Sit down, read on and open your eyes to how getting a running buddy can transform your exercise experience.



If you’re apt at talking yourself out of a run, finding a running partner to drag you out, kicking and screaming if necessary, is the best solution to ensure that you keep up your routine. Having someone waiting for you gives you accountability and you daren’t let your partner down, leaving him or her to go it alone.

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When you’re running alone, it’s easy to drop off the pace or even cut your run short. However, some healthy competition is proven to keep your pace high and your distance longer; this concept is labelled as ‘Social Facilitation’ and highlights how ‘when you run with others, you tend to give more effort’ and ‘you get caught up in the pace and you might not recognise how fast you’re going’. By teaming up, there is a good chance that you’ll begin to discover just how good you are.



It’s tough to get inspired by the same routes each week, but with a running partner, you can pool all your routes together and mix it up. Changing your route keeps you interested, increases motivation and will improve your performance. Running the same route every time can cause imbalances because it trains your body to react to your specific terrain and gradients that can cause injury and set your running back. Therefore by making a change, your body will get used to a range of different terrains and angles, giving you a much stronger and balanced technique.

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Running with a partner allows you to pick up some tips on your form that you may have been completely missing. Just by watching others, you will notice little bits they do which you can apply to your own technique and open up a range of new opportunities. Just upping your cadence to match your partners can improve your efficiency and keep you going far longer. Equally, with someone watching you, they can point out things which you may never realise you’re doing. Regular mistakes, for example heel striking and a tense upper body, are tough to recognise yourself, but simple to overcome when others point it out to you. The changes you can make will only be small but have the potential to generate a mighty change in your running performance.



If you gain nothing else from a running buddy, you’ll be sure to build up a great relationship with them, built on trust and mutual goals. Sharing problems and joys with one another is unexpectedly easy due to the nature of your surroundings and you’ll soon become accustomed to listening and talking to your partner. If running itself wasn’t enough of a head clearer, running with a partner really accentuates its abilities to chill you out and acquaintances will soon become good friends.


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The right partner and the right outfit is the perfect combination for a run. Heading out requires the correct gear, especially with blisteringly cold morning runs regularly the order of the day at this time of the year. The Odlo running collection has everything you need to shield yourself against the elements. With innovative technology in all of our products, from body-mapping construction to moisture wicking materials, all the products are designed to keep you warm and dry, allowing you to focus simply on keeping your legs going to their full potential. Share with Odlo your images of your favourite place to run and motivate your running partner by tagging them and using #WhereWeRun.

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