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Odlo Custom


We are one big family but we still have our own personality.

Express yourself on the road by customizing your Odlo gear.Your own designs, together with our premium apparel, will give you the edge to make you stand out in the crowd. 

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For Cycling, three categories are available to best fit your expectations:

You are the experienced cyclist, looking to be faster than the wind. These race fit garments are engineered for the most demanding cyclists. This high-level category offers the best in aerodynamics with a premium material mix to ensure your cycling performance when speed is the number one priority.

Do you ride your bike several times a week but speed is not your first priority? The performance collection is made for you. This range is your perfect gear for any type of conditions.

You have just started cycling and to get one step ahead soon, comfort is the main feature you need. The Active range is designed especially for you.



Download the full Custom Cycling Range Overview here 


INTERESTED ? 4 STEPS TO YOUR PERSONALIZED PRODUcT here : Odlo custom design process

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Leave your E-Mail Address at our homepage or contact the responsible person in your country directly.


Rahel Casutt


Susi Eigler


Matthias Faller


Nicolas Caniez

United Kingdom

Luke Francis


Lemco van Dam

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Inspire us! Share your ideas, logos and colours with us and our design team will provide you two unique design proposals. Choose the one you like most and we can do one adjustment for free.

If you don’t like both designs, we can provide you another proposal for an extra charge.

Once the design has been finalized, you’re ready for step 3.

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Once the design has been finalized, place the detailed order including sizes and quantities with the responsible person of your country.

You will get an offer with your order which you have to sign if you are okay with it. Before we go into production we ask you to pay the full amount in advance.

As soon as we have your signature we will start producing a sample layout.  

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We will provide you a sample fabric where you can see the fabric, the colours and the design as they will be on your final products in the end.

If you are okay with everything, you can approve the sample fabric and we will start production.

Please note that we only start production when we have your payment and the approval from the sample fabric. From this day on where we have both, you will receive your products after 6 weeks.