Freestyle Skiing In 2016 With Jon Olsson

Jon Olsson Austria


The ski season is here! It's time to go shred, whether it's hitting kickers in the snowpark at Laax, Switzerland or sinking knee deep in powder in Tignes, France, so wax up your skis and get out on the slopes. 


Odlo ambassador and freestyle skier Jon Olsson has been around the block - he's won X Games and he's competed on the best slopes in the world. Now he's looking to take time to enjoy his skiing rather than compete. Find out where he thinks is the best snow this winter, what's happening in the world of freestyle skiing and what's his favourite trick.





“I would say my favourites are Australia, Japan, Verbier in Switzerland and Aspen in Colorado. It really doesn’t matter where you are as long as you hit the good weather. I think weather is 95% of a ski trip.”

“Skiing and snowboarding is very different because snowboarders have a board and we have skis but on the other hand it’s exactly the same thing. A lot of my friends are all snowboarders so we ski and snowboard together. I did try snowboarding this winter and I’m impressed by those guys because it is awful to be tied in one board with both feet.”

“Picking one guy to look out for this winter would be so difficult, there are so many young kids coming up that are all equally incredible. I’m enjoying being a bit older and looking at the craziness that’s going on with these guys.”

“I feel like it’s always been quite a big diversity where the top guys are coming from and I think it’s still the same. You have a lot of Scandinavian guys, Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, you have a big community in the States and Canada. Austria and Switzerland is getting a bit stronger so it’s cool to see more and more nations are coming into it.”

“My plans are to enjoy skiing. I travelled the world for 15 years only chasing results and performance. It took me about 33 years to realise I want to travel and experience things and see things and take it all in, so my only goal is to enjoy the winter and go skiing and have fun.”

“My favourite trick would probably have to be a cork 360. It took me 32 years to figure out how to do it, because I was born in the 80s where people couldn’t actually do cork threes, so that would have to be my favourite.”


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