The 24 Hour Gym

28 Sep 2015


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What makes us different:

  • No membership
  • No opening hours
  • No schedules
  • No classes
  • No queuing for equipment
  • No excuses


We offer:

  • Fresh air
  • Tan in the summer
  • Varied scenery
  • Unlimited space
  • Outdoor endorphins
  • Freedom


We believe that the world is your gym and your everyday landscape, whether urban or remote, it can be used to train, maintain and improve your fitness.


Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee the weather - but we have great kit to get you through every workout.


Your ODLO Gym

Roads, parks and paths replace the monotony of the treadmill and improve your cardio fitness in the great outdoors. Use trees as distance markers and increase your pace to raise your heart rate.


Street curbs – replace the stepper – quick steps for intermission in a cardio workout. Quick heel taps, jumps and single leg jumps are great for toning legs and ankles.

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Park benches make the perfect platform for tri dips, push-ups, v sits, squat jumps, lunges - excellent for strength training.


Picnic tables add a new dimension to push ups, leg curls and v sit bicycles.


Hills are the perfect place to incorporate some HIIT training into your workout routine. Whatever the gradient, hill sprints can be considered as complete functional strength training as our bodyweight battles gravity, strengthening our entire body in the process.

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Lamposts, post boxes, trees and bins are all great markers for interval training – simply vary your pace between sprinting and jogging and achieve more from your workout.


Stairs – walk, run and jump your way up the stairs to get your blood flowing.The stairs can also be used for step up reverse lunges, tri stair dips, skater steps and mountain climbers. A great piece of ‘gym kit’ when indoors as well.

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Kids playgrounds also create the perfect (off peak) gym alternative with an array of gym-worthy equipment. Use swings as a TRX substitute for swing pull squats, swing rows and plank curls. Monkey bars also bring out your inner child – add variety by skipping bars, weaving, using for pull-ups and leg raises.


Whatever your fitness pursuit and passion, the world is your gym – use it and enjoy.

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Our male model wears the ZEROWEIGHT RUNNING VEST, APODIS RUNNING HOODIE and RUNNING TIGHTS FURY and our female model wears SPOT-ON COWL HOODIE, TEBE RUNNING SHIRT and GLISS AOP RUNNING TIGHTS from our new fall-winter 15 collection.

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