The Lowdown: Training Camps for Cyclists

10 May 2016


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Feel and train like a pro, pushing yourself outside your comfort zone and taking your fitness to the next level. Cycling training camps offer the perfect opportunity for you to test yourself as an athlete as well as exploring new terrain.


Training camps often act as milestones for cyclists to motivate themselves for personal training goals and competitions, encouraging athletes to be fit and prepared for the camp itself, inspiring them to be at peak fitness throughout the camp and they are ready to compete after the camp.



Training camps take place all over Europe; popular destinations include Majorca, Lanzarote, Tuscany and Nice. If you don’t decide to go with a company and plan on venturing in a self-made ‘camp’ group, make sure you have checked out the tracks and trails beforehand to ensure you are able to ride where you wish.



The best time to go to a training camp is dependent on the type of rider that you are. For example, if your event season were based during the summer months, there would be little point attending a camp at the end of the year. On the other hand, if you started a training camp too near to an event you would be unlikely to gain all the benefits and reach an optimum fitness level. Late February and early April proves the most popular time for commercial camps.  



Both professional and amateur cyclists take part in training camps to improve fitness, speed and strength. By riding in a pack that contains cyclists of a similar level your endurance and intensity levels are pushed to the limit, as you reap the benefits from your winter-based training whilst preparing yourself for the upcoming season.


Finally, don’t worry if you are not a riding expert. The key is to research the camp you wish to go to before you commit. Find out who has attended in the past, the type of riders and the size of groups. Commercial training camps typically cater to both novices and professional riders. Groups are then split into ability, speed and distance to suit everyone.  



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