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When boundaries are blurred, they become surmountable. World travel is part of everyday life and people feel at home around the globe. With this development our customer’s clothing demands have increased, representing a new challenge that we face with joy and accept with passion.


The basis for well-being

We have designed our underwear range to cater to every need and every preference. The brand new seamless Evolution Blackcomb sportswear provides athletes with a new dimension of functionality, embellished by our animalier and camouflage design. To stay extra warm, in clear cuts and quilting patterns, the Revolution Technical Wool series is your perfect choice. For classic style underwear for warm and extra warm comfort there’s Odlo Originals including the stylish new Vallee Blanche and the new hi-tech Odlo Cubic for lighter protection.


Versatile looks for a perfect layering

Tec shirts are more than just clothing. As mid-layer garments, they perfect the interplay between functional underwear and outer layers and, thus, complete "The Art of Layering". True to the motto "function meets style," versatile designs for all conditions characterize our Tec Shirt collection. Exciting design elements, such as quilting, extra high collars or prints and patches inspired by our Norwegian roots, are brought together with functional materials, designed for every temperature and practice-oriented, detailed solutions. In addition, our SPOT line presented last winter will continue this season. Cool fashion looks with absolute comfort for before and after sports.


Shine in the dark

The days are getting shorter and the evenings darker.For serious runners, this is hardly a reason not to go running. Our new running collection meets the requirements for winter running. Here, Odlo stands out not only because of functionality and versatility, but also because of our urban-inspired looks with cool camouflage and denim designs.The "Art of Layering " relates to function and style. Insulating Primaloft®, thanks to its effective heat insulation, keeps sensitive muscle groups warm, creating a unique urban look. The individual pieces of the entire running collection can be endlessly combined not only to perfectly meet weather conditions, but also to accommodate runners’ personal preferences. In accordance with the motto “shine in the dark,” reflectors have been incorporated into our designs for added safety in the dark winter months.


Bad weather is a thing of the past

If one has dedicated oneself completely to one’s passion for two wheels, snow, slush and ice are not an obstacle. With creativity and practicality, we have created biking-specific products that defy the weather and withstand all its caprices. With the integration of Primaloft® into our road biking products, we break new ground this winter. As first manufacturer, we use Primaloft® not only in outerwear, but also in biking tights. Combining this material, together with our "body mapping" concept, we have created products that perfectly meet the requirements for biking, both in-between seasons and in winter weather.The materials used provide warmth exactly where sensitive body parts need to be protected from the cold. At the same time, cleverly placed ventilation technology allows the body to breathe and, thus, ensures for optimal temperature regulation. With the right clothing, bad weather is a thing of the past.


Cross-country skiing meets fashion

Cross-country skiing means being active, enjoying the winter to the fullest and replenishing your energy. But cross-country skiing also places high demands on clothing. Versatility is imperative to respond to external conditions and functionality is a fundamental aspect of the entire collection. This winter, we present a cross-country ski collection, which is characterized not only by outstanding functionality, but also by its trendy design. We are the first manufacturer to use the advantages of down as a natural material to create ultra-lightweight cross-country skiing clothing. First-class performance down offers supreme insulation and, thanks to our “body mapping” concept, keeps the parts of the body warm which are particularly sensitive to cold: A sophisticated combination of materials for active cross-country skiers, for whom the x-country experience is tantamount. Performance-oriented and proven materials, such as Windstopper® or our specially developed LOGIC Windproof, are also part of the new collection. Optimized cuts, together with a clean design and the incorporation of clever details, have resulted in high-performance products for the trail, which leave nothing to be desired.


Down the slopes

Mountain Performance stands for products, which meet the uncompromisingly high standards required on and off the slopes. Maximum functionality while being lightweight, a modern design with clean lines and high-tech materials, like Gore-Tex®, characterize Odlo’s Mountain Performance collection. For the development of this collection, we relied on the support of our ambassador, Jon Olsson. As one of the best freeskiers in the world, he offered the design team important input and also shared his keen sense of trends. Here again, we go one step further for Fall-Winter 15 by integrating down into our ski products for the first time. With the SKI COCOON we present our first down jacket for skiing, which guarantees style, function and the most effective heat insulation on the slopes. Ski-specific details such as a detachable powder skirt, a ski pass pocket on the forearm and an individually adjustable hood make it clear that this jacket is made for the snow. The versatility of down is also evident in the mid-layers: An ultra-lightweight insulating jacket with down fill, together with our proven “body mapping” concept, provides reliable protection even in the coldest temperatures, without bulk. Rounding off the entire Mountain Performance collection is a hip camouflage design. For more style, on and off the slopes.


Down with style

An active lifestyle is evident not only in sports apparel. It is also reflected in the outfits we wear every day. For Fall-Winter 15, Odlo presents its Off-Course collection tailored to everyday needs. Cool designs, comfortable cuts and young colors characterize the new products, which range from classic outer layers and mid-layers to shirts and pants. The materials we use not only entice through their natural feel and look, but also by their functionality, which is crucial to us as a sports brand.


Small details for great performance

When it gets cold outside, they are indispensable. Accessories are the small, yet refined, details when it comes to feeling good, despite cold and wet weather. For this winter, in keeping with our unique look, we have developed warm hats for every circumstance and occasion—no matter whether the enjoyment of nature or sports performance is the focus. As the absolute highlight, we introduce our newly developed sock collection that completes Odlo’s range of accessories. We have used our long-standing know-how in the underwear area and our technological expertise for its creation. The result is a range of socks for all demands and sporting activities. Odlo’s accessories allow one to feel good from head to toe.


Perfect symbiosis

The Premium Odlo Zeromiles line combines our Norwegian roots with Swiss state of the art technology into an unparalleled collection. Modern cuts and premium materials such as down, Schoeller® wool and Merino wool not only allow for the creation of exclusive clothing items, but also lend a new look to our proven concept, the "Art of Layering": Longer silhouettes from the vest and mid-layers become visible under shorter jackets– here, the two jackets, ASKLA for ladies and OSLO for men, are particular highlights. Made from functional Schoeller® fabric, their fashionable and timeless look makes them particularly compelling. The underwear is also innovatively designed. Here a new, bonded stitching technique provides a unique look while allowing for exceptional comfort. Ultra-light products from elaborately cleaned and treated recycled down show that functionality and fashion do not preclude sustainability. Odlo Zeromiles is the perfect symbiosis of these three elements.