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Activity Control Systems (ACS) Bike

The right seat padding – found in seconds

Odlo has developed a number of innovative, comfortable and technical seat paddings. The Odlo bike «activity control system» makes it quick and easy to choose the right one depending on the duration of the ride and the level of activity. For example, Ultimate Protection 3D supports intensive, longer tours, while Soft Protection tec-support is ideal for short, more relaxed rides.


Endurance 2 Super Air padding is made with high-density foams in a special shape that offers the ultimate protection and comfort. The X-Tract fabric has two layers that help remove moisture, with the perforated base layer providing increased breathability. Endurance 2 X-Tract is best for professionals and anyone who competes in races.


Pro-support (12 mm)

Our two-layer, lightweight and thin seat padding made with highly elasticized, pressed foamed materials ensure optimal protection and seat comfort. It also has a unique Air Flow ventilation system with die-cut holes and air channels, an ideal fit and our odor-reducing Effect by Odlo technology. For ambitious athletes.


Tec-support (8 mm)

Offering reliable protection and seat comfort, our 8 mm-thick, elasticized seat padding made with breathable foam is produced without any seams, with ergonomically pre-shaped wings and our Effect by Odlo technology. It is perfect for those who want to improve their fitness, experience nature or simply have fun.