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Muscle Force

Muscle Force warm is a new generation underwear that offers a competitive skier the perfect product.

Who’s the perfect match for Muscle Force warm?

The competitive skier is the one who’s first on the mountain in the morning. He likes to ski the slopes when nobody else is. He’s glad if at the end of the day he can say, “I did more runs today than I have the last few days and I’m really tired after a strenuous day of skiing” – of course the competitive skier is the last person on the mountain.

The 5 benefits of Muscle Force warm

1. Improves the skier’s performance

The most important muscles for skiing are in the extremities. To allow skiers to enjoy skiing and to perform longer, Odlo developed zoned muscle support. On the extremities, the zoned muscle support reduces the muscle vibrations and saves you the energy you need for an extra long day of skiing. For zoned muscle support Odlo developed a new fabric construction called ‘bonded sandwich construction’. The fabric construction reduces the muscle vibrations exactly where it is needed.

2. Quick drying for skiers

Thanks to an exclusive fabric development made up of 90 % polyester and 10 % spandex (spandex covered by polyester), it’s possible for the skier to get dry again very fast even after an extensive run.

3. Keeps the skier warm

For the main part of the body – the torso – where you need to stay dry and warm for optimal thermo-regulation, Odlo has developed a garment with zoned functionality. Odlo worked with a thicker version of material, which is slightly brushed inside for light insulation and wear comfort in combination with a thin material for optimal heat transportation of the active body. This zoned material combination allows optimal thermoregulation to keep the skier dry and warm.

4. Allows the skier to feel freedom of movement

Extensive fit and pattern work has been done on the Muscle Force warm product to give you tight-fitting garments with muscle support on the arms and legs while at the same time keeping freedom of movement and a comfortable fit with no compromises.

5. For skiers from skiing athletes

Muscle Force warm is tested and recommended by the German Skiing Association (DSV).