Jon Olsson


“I’m always looking for new things and new challenges!” That’s Jon Olsson’s motto. He’s young, wild, different. He embodies the new generation of winter athletes like no other. He’s taken 9 medals at the X Games, invented several unique jumps and puts on his own freestyle event. Odlo is proud to take on new challenges with Jon Olsson as an ambassador.

Olsson has been with the Odlo family since 2013. The design team is delighted with his professional input and special feeling for trends and lifestyle. And his sporting accomplishments are no less impressive. He’s won several big air events (Rip Curl tour, U.S. Freeskiing Open), taken nine medals at the Winter X Games, holds the record for the most third-place podiums. Wins in several ski disciplines and is the inventor of numerous double flips.

Starting in 2005, Olsson has invited competitors to his Jon Olsson Invitational (JOI) big air event, making a name for himself as an organiser as well. Not content with that, in 2007 he started the Jon Olsson Super Session (JOSS) freeskiing film contest, featuring short films of freeskiing made within two weeks.

Alongside his sport activities and successful own events, Olsson is a passionate aficionado of fast cars. As is the case with Odlo, he was involved in design at Audi, where he worked on the Rebellion R1K, thereby fulfilling a childhood dream.

Odlo is proud to have Jon Olsson on its athlete team and looks forward to meeting new challenges together with him.