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Underwear Collection

Functional sportswear is the basis of an active lifestyle. We have designed our underwear range to cater to every need and every preference.
The brand new seamless Evolution Blackcomb sportswear provides athletes with a new dimension of functionality, embellished by our animalier and camouflage design.
To stay extra warm, in clear cuts and quilting patterns, the Revolution Technical Wool series is your perfect choice.
For classic style underwear for warm and extra warm comfort there’s Odlo Originals including the stylish new Vallee Blanche.



In the Evolution line, we have developed a long-standing, well-established product, through which Odlo has achieved entirely new standards in terms of functionality and comfort. People with an active lifestyle rely on our tried and tested, seamless underwear.

For Fall-Winter 15, Odlo, with Evolution Warm Blackcomb, presents functional, seamless, winter underwear in a whole new light. A fresh color palette and trendy jacquard pattern in an Animalier look for women, and for men, a trendy camouflage design, make our sports underwear a must-have for active athletes.

Greentec technology is integrated into our new Evolution Warm Blackcomb through the use of 40% recycled polyester, thus, making an important contribution to the sustainability of our company.

Seasonal Colours

For summer only! Made from 70% polyester and 30% polyamide. This is the lightest sports underwear on the market.

Features a perfect fit due to high elasticity and comfortable, seamless integrated function zones. Fast drying

Seamless integrated function zones provide comfort and added protection and fits perfectly due to high elasticity. Fast drying.

Features seamless extra warming terry zones on inside as well as seamless integrated function zones. High elasticity delivers perfect fit and there’s odour protection with Effect by Odlo.

Natural Blend

Natural blends


With our Revolution line, we also go a step further this year. Ever since the launch of our exclusive Revolution sportswear, our customers have appreciated its modern design and special material combinations.

The finest natural materials such as wool and silk are interwoven with functional fibers into a highly modern product, which, as the first layer on the skin, provides the basis for Odlo’s layering principle. The casual cut and unique combination of materials make Revolution and absolute feel-good product with the highest wearing comfort.

Seasonal Colours

For summer only! Includes silk and has great fit due to use of elastane. Cooling with supersoft feel.

Strong and durable, features technical wool with optimal fibre composition. Keeps you dry and has climate regulation.

Features technical Merino wool and X-Pull moisture movement.

Has extra warming quilted zones and features technical Merino wool plus X-Pull moisture movement technology.

Natural Blend


For classic style underwear for warm and extra warm comfort there’s Odlo Originals including the stylish new Vallee Blanche.

Seasonal Colours

Highly functional and extremely lightweight, Cubic provides the optimum in comfort, year-round. The cubic structure of the material developed by Odlo ensures that the body maintains an ideal temperature.

Cubic combines 3-D knit construction, which prevents the garment from uncomfortably sticking to the skin, with LIGHT fabric to create underwear with an unparalleled ease of wear. Other appealing features of this functional underwear include optimum moisture management and comfortable, flat seams. Thanks to the effect by Odlo technology, unpleasant odours are also prevented.

Seasonal Colours

Perfect insulation due to use of brushed fabric inside. Soft feel and flat seams for supreme comfort; high elasticity and great fit due to rib construction. Quick drying with excellent moisture management.

Fleece inserts for extra warmth. Perfect insulation due to use of brushed fabric inside. Soft feel, high elasticity due to rib structure. Excellent moisture management and quick drying.