Good Morning - Top 10 Morning Running Tips

17 Apr 2015


Top 10 Morning Running Tips 01

There is an hour each morning where time stands still. As the sun rises it brings with it a new day, new thoughts, new opportunities. Most of all, it spurs you to action. To make the most of what the day has to offer.

For many people, it is difficult to forsake the comfort of a warm bed and an extra hour’s sleep. However, the benefits of rising early far outweigh the struggles. With the best preparation and motivation, you’ll have everything you need to embrace the first sun rays with style and performance.

Top 10 Morning Running Tips 02

Top 10 Morning Running Tips 03

By the time you get to work you’ll be wide awake and more focused with an activated metabolism. You’ll also have your evenings free to relax or socialise. And as you get into the habit of waking up for an early morning run, you’ll start experiencing better sleep quality, which will make getting up early even easier.

Stepping out in the morning comes with awesome benefits, so here are our Top 10 Morning Running Tips:

  1. Prepare - Prepare yourself the night before, so there is no barrier to getting up and going. Get your running gear laid out and ready to go. And plan your urban tracks in advance.
  2. Avoid the "Snooze" Button - Put your alarm on the other side of the room so that you have to get up to turn it off. Once you’re up, don’t lie down again.
  3. Stay Hydrated - When you wake up you are dehydrated from the night before. Make sure you drink 150ml - 250ml of water before you start to enhance performance and prevent headaches, muscle cramps, fatigue, and decreased coordination.
  4. Warm Up - Cold muscles will dampen your potential. Starting off with jumping jacks or a light jog will warm up your body temperature and increase the blood flow to your muscles. Getting you ready for action.
  5. Be Smart - Make sure you run where it’s adequately lit. If in the city, avoid out of the way areas. And stick to roads and tracks where you can run freely and get in the zone.
  6. Get Ready - Be ready for any weather condition with different running layers and the right gear. An early morning rain shower, mist or wind gusts don’t have to stop you from an awesome workout.
  7. Listen - If you love listening to music while you run, get inspired by starting a morning running playlist. Start with slower warm-up tracks and build the pace. Music is a great way to help push your workout further.
  8. Mix it Up - Running the same route everyday can be boring. To bring a little bit of excitement to your morning, try alternate routes. You never know what you may find.
  9. Track it - Try tracking your morning runs on interactive maps and apps. This way you can see your improvement and different running routes each week. And you can track your performance difference from morning to night.
  10. Partner Up - Embrace the morning with a friend or group of people. Knowing that others are relying on you will help you avoid backing out. Enjoying a stunning sunrise with others is often the best motivation.