3 Feb 2017



(Image: Cisalfa Sport Facebook - @cisalfa)


The Odlo Girls Time event in Italy was lead by lifestyle blogger and local hero Federica Fontana where she shared her knowledge on all things exercise and passed on her best pieces of fitness advice.



Federica is a great advocate for exercise and the accompanying health benefits. Primarily know as a runner, she loves getting out and discovering new forms of exercise. Fontana appreciates how different forms of exercise can improve your training; she says ‘cross-country skiing is my favourite alternative to running, it allows you to effectively train your whole body… while you admire a beautiful view!’



As the retailer in Italy, Cisalfa, exhibited the concept of layering to maintain the optimum temperature for your workout, the guests to the event were introduced to Odlo’s best garments with the ‘Effect by Odlo’ technology. Federica explained what she wears and why during exercise. She layers using technical garments and the silver ions in the underwear help fight odours and keep you fresh throughout your workout.



In January, after the lengthy festive period, it’s important to get back into shape and on top form again. Federica addressed those at the event and explained how to keep in peak physical condition ‘after a period of overeating’. Her advice was ‘to rebalance the body with a detox liquid from 1 to 3 days with fresh fruit and vegetable juices’. So next time you find yourself feeling a bit off the pace after a bit too much over-indulgence, hit the fruit and veg stall and flood your body with all their goodness.


(Image: Cisalfa Sport Facebook - @cisalfa)


After dispensing some of her esteemed knowledge on how best to work out, what to wear and how you need to be refuelling, the event ended with a final piece of invaluable advice from Federica. She urged the audience to ‘not underestimate the importance of clothing during training; choose technical garments that fit your workout – especially if you’re training outdoors now that the cold season has arrived. You’ll be warm while you move but your sweat will dry quickly… so you will avoid getting sick!’ Therefore, next time you’re out running, ensure you steer clear of cotton and embrace the benefits of technical garments to allow you to keep going all winter.

The first Odlo Girls Time event in Italy was a great success and was super rewarding for those who received expert advice from a renowned personality, as well as getting to experience the quality of the products first hand was a rewarding experience for all. Keep your eyes peeled and stay tuned for the next season of Odlo Girls Time for the SS17 season.