Summer Running: How To Keep Cool

6 Jun 2016


Cropped run

As temperatures begin to rise, there is no need to sacrifice your running routine. Our bodies are designed to adapt to temperature change and can therefore survive in the heat when exercising. But, make sure you abide by our three rules to ensure your running experience through the summer months remains rewarding and enjoyable!

Rule No.1: Never Run Dehydrated

Water is essential for replacing lost electrolytes that you have sweated out during exercise. Water keeps your blood circling around your body, as well as regulating your body’s overall temperature. As you begin to exercise, your metabolism and internal body temperature increases, so it is important to take on water before, during and after exercise. If you are exercising in extreme heat for more than one hour, supplement water with a sports drink that contains electrolytes to speed up the hydration process.

Rule No.2: Concentrate On Breathing

When running, your muscles are in need of oxygen to allow your body to move with ease. Breathing through the mouth is the most effective way to inhale and exhale oxygen. Consistent breathing means you are able to run for longer, as your endurance is increased, allowing you to combat the heat and continue running, even when temperatures rise.

Rule No.3: Warm Up and Stretch Thoroughly

Even though temperatures rise in the summer, it does not mean that you can skip your normal warm up and stretching routine. Muscles that are warmed up before exercise will be able to contract with more force and relax at a faster rate. Warming up increases your body temperature, allowing your muscles to be more elastic, meaning your body can operate more efficiently.

Rule No.4: Join a Run Club

The summer months are there for you to enjoy your surroundings and push yourself. Why not join a local running club to mix up your routine and try something new. Running alongside others can increase your stamina and also be a great way of meeting new people. Weekday runs are often suited so you can join after work, and weekend runs can be slightly longer, allowing you to build up your endurance.

Rule No.5: Dress For The Heat

Keeping your body cool and dry is of the utmost importance when on a summer run. Naturally, your body will begin to sweat more in the heat, so it is vital that the clothes you are wearing allow your body to breathe and that the material type is active in reducing sweat levels on your skin’s surface. Odlo’s Lighter Than Light range is compiled of extremely lightweight and breathable pieces thanks to modern, burnout technology. With attractive designs and a unique look, Odlo’s running pieces combine performance and style to create the perfect running outfit.

For Women:

The women’s Yotta Running Tank features an innovative and distinctive design that cleverly encourages the free flow of air around the body whilst you are running. This makes the Yotta ideal for spring and summer running when keeping cool and sweat free is most important. The tank is lightweight and breathable thanks to its incorporation of burnout technology with subtle ‘burned in’ patterning, lightening the fabric and making it more breathable.

The Medium Seamless Sports Bra is ideal for moderate-impact activities such as running, with a ribbed structure for extra support. The functional fibre ‘Effect by Odlo’ uses antibacterial silver to banish the smell of sweat. Thanks to its seamless construction, this sports bra will stay securely in place, whatever you do. Breathable, fast-drying F-Dry fabric wicks moisture and excess heat away.

The Samara Running Shorts are made from pre-stretched woven material and have been designed for dedicated women runners wishing to train and compete at premium efficiency in spring and summer conditions. These shorts are lightweight with a slim fit and wide with an elasticated waistband. The shorts include a strip of iridescent tape around the leg for safety when running in low light conditions.

The Ebe Running Tights offer more coverage but still remain lightweight and breathable. Reversible and on-trend, the Ebe tights include an elastic waistband and colourful design. But be warned: you should expect jealous looks from other runners!

Protect your head from the heat and finish off your running look with the Mesh Speed cap featuring a mesh insert for excellent breathability that wicks moisture away. Made from fast-drying F-Dry fabric with reflective elements for increased visibility.

For Men:

The Yocto Running T-Shirt has been designed for men who love to run. It has a slim fit and short sleeves and is distinguished by the use of a special burnout fabric technique that in the case of the Yocto not only creates a distinctive pattern on the shirt but also allows it to become more lightweight and breathable – perfect for running in warmer weather.

Pair with the Kopter Running Shorts that are made from pre-stretch woven material that is extremely lightweight. Slim fitting and with a pared down style that screams dedication. If you decide to run late afternoon or evening, the reflective details (including the on leg Odlo branding) and iridescent tape on the leg hem will keep you noticed.