Summer Training With Dario Cologna and Jon Olsson

Dario and Jon

Just how important is preparation for winter athletes? Despite the cross country and ski season starting late in the year, the preparation starts as early as spring as they start to get back in shape and brush off any cobwebs from their time away from their sports. The summer can be a time for improvement of techniques and a place to try out new tricks or styles.


We spoke to our ambassadors Dario Cologna and Jon Olsson about summer training as both athletes head into the winter season in contrasting situations. Dario, a double Olympic gold medalist at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, is preparing for a hard season on the Cross Country circuit. Jon, meanwhile, has now taken a step back from competitive freestyle skiing and is taking on a new point of view as he becomes a veteran of the freestyle scene.


Dario Cologna: “Summer training is very important for X-Country skiers, we are spending a lot of hours in summer and it’s as important as training during the winter. You have to get fit and be ready for the season.”

Jon Olsson: “Now that I’m a bit older I’ve figured out to ski in the spring, so I try and hit the spring in the Southern Hemisphere and I take some time out in the Fall when it’s dark and cold. Then I hit the spring in the Northern Hemisphere. I took off for Australia at the end of August and will ski for about a month down there, so it starts early but it’s spring time down there so it’s perfect.”

Dario Cologna: “We don’t have snow. Sometimes we are training on the glacier but mostly we are running or training on roller skis on the streets. Weight training is more important during summer than in winter.”

Jon Olsson: “Yeah, when you’ve been flying for 48 hours and you land in Australia or New Zealand and you’re jetlagged and you haven’t skied for a while then you kind of suck for the first few days. But after a couple of days you get back into it.”

Dario Cologna: “My biggest holidays are always in April after the season when I have time for it. I like to go away somewhere warm, on the beach. After a long season it is good to have warm conditions. I don’t have a favourite place, I like to always go somewhere different.”

Jon Olsson: “I love going Down Under because you are there at the time of year where the snow is a little slushy in the afternoon, which is good when you get a little older like me and you like to keep it safe when you attempt new things. It’s the perfect time to try and improve and, for me, relearn the tricks I used to know a couple of years ago.”

Dario Cologna: “Fitness training is more important in Summer. I know I have to ski and improve but you can combine this training. When I go out on the roller skis it is fitness training but I am also focused on the technique, so I try and combine them. I always try to improve and find some new solutions to be better next season.”



Dario wears the FREQUENCY 2.0 WINDSTOPPER cross country jacket and Jon wears the HELIUM COCOON ski midlayer down jacket from our new fall-winter 15 collection.