#OdloGirlsTime - Season 1

14 Nov 2016


The first season of the #OdloGirlsTime has come to an end after four fantastic events, which provided an active timeout to take your minds off work in a strictly ‘girls only’ environment. Four amazing cities were chosen as the perfect backdrop to launch the concept that aimed to raise the awareness of the Odlo FW16 Running and Sports Bra collection. Teams of girls journalists, key bloggers and influencers were invited along to attend, kitted out in the Odlo FW16 collection and given the opportunity to tackle their fears and push their limits in a variety of alternative fitness challenges.

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BERLIN House Running

Berlin was the setting for the first event, where the girls gathered in the shadow of a 60-metre high building. After a delicious aperitif had curbed their appetite, the girls were kitted out and headed up to the rooftop to start their ‘run’. The invited journalists and bloggers wore a FLEX HIGH Sports Bra, EBE Tights, a seamless BRIANNA Hoody and THE INVISIBLE Panty as they went over the edge and began their descent down the side of the building, coming face-to-face with only the street below. It wasn’t the conventional way of testing the products and some were left bemused but despite this, they made the crazy descent down in undoubtedly the most unique of city runs.

Despite unquestionable nerves and knee jangling, the girls loved the first event in the series, Nadin, who works for Eiswuerfelimschuh.de said ‘what a crazy evening with you guys! The event was just perfectly organised and the girls had so much fun.’

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PARIS Freerun

After a nerve-racking first event in Berlin, the series rolled into Paris where the thrills of the first event did not abate. The girls again pulled on the impressive Odlo FW16 collection in preparation for their run over, on and through the city as they took part in a free-running workshop. They leapt, climbed and rolled around the workshop, mastering the art of Freerunning by getting over and around all the obstacles in the least conventional method of traversing the city. Once they’d grasped the techniques, they headed out and up to the rooftops to experience the city from a different point of view. The French Freerun Family put on a show and exhibited how the pros do it, jumping from building to building, flipping, rolling and spinning over walls and through gaps with an amazing sunset over the Paris skyline topping off a great day in the French capital.

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For the third instalment, the #OdloGirlsTime show turned up at Zurich in cool temperature for a session of urban games and exercises. The girls were first taught about the importance of wearing the right clothes and warming-up when the temperatures are less than welcoming. They once again donned the Odlo AW16 collection with the PRIMALOFT Running Vest providing them an extra layer to keep the cold at bay. After a warm-up in a pop-up studio of the Balboa Garage, the girls ventured out for a run across the city, taking advantage of all the furnishings of the urban environment, they bounded up flights of steps and sprinted up ramps before sharpening their competitive edge, ready for a range of games against one another. Using bean bags, cones and a bit of team spirit, the girls all found a bit of fun in an alternative approach to their fitness in Zurich. After their run, they all took home a delicious goody bag packed with food and drink to help replenish their tired bodies.

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LONDON Urban Duathlon

Following three hugely successful events, the final one in London had a lot to live up to. The girls invited for the London instalment of the #OdloGirlsTime series gathered for an evening urban duathlon – an urban run before embarking on a spinning class. After equipping themselves with Odlo’s AW16 running collection, the girls started out with a 3K run around the city under London’s bright lights. Once the run was behind them, they headed for the bikes to complete the second leg of the event, taking part in an intense spinning class at BOOM spin studio. In both dsiciplines, they experienced the benefits of the features in the Odlo FW16 collection for outside in the cold and in the warmth of the studio.

The final event’s success followed much in the same vein as those that went before it. Once bloggers ‘Twice The Health’ had got their breaths back after completing their session, they said ‘we had such a brilliant night! Absolutely love our new kit – it’s like Christmas has come early.’ Women’s Fitness also said ‘Thank you so much for having us. A brilliant event and the kit is absolutely gorgeous!’ It was a great hit to close the first season of #OdloGirlsTime.

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The aim of the first season of #OdloGirlsTime was to get women experiencing a fun and alternative approach to fitness. Berlin, Paris, Zurich and London provided the perfect backdrops for the events that saw these women crack their fears, master new skills and push themselves to their limits. The opulence and performance of Odlo’s ‘gorgeous’ FW16 Running and Sports Bra collection gave the girls the comfort and confidence to achieve their aims and unwind in the active timeouts that the events provided.

Due to the huge success of the first season, #OdloGirlsTime will be back for a second season, for the SS17 and Ceramicool products, armed with new events and challenges for the girls to take on in Europe’s best cities.

Take a look at all the action from the first series via YouTube and don’t forget to check out the fantastic Odlo FW16 collection for your own alternative fitness activities.