Make new tracks and hit new ground

15 Mar 2015


LP Run 01

It’s time to make new tracks and hit new ground. Our running world expands this Spring and Summer, and we’re super excited to share this sneak peek of what’s on the horizon. Be one of the first to take a look at our new running collection.

LP Run 04

We’re heating things up this Spring and Summer with new looks that are both highly functional and made to be seen in. Running your favourite tracks has never looked better. It’s all about performance gear that turns heads.

Maybe you’re new to the tracks? Maybe you’re preparing for competition? Or maybe you’re simply looking for your next favourite piece? We’ve designed this year’s Odlo Running collection for the ultimate level of comfort and style, no matter where Spring and Summer takes you.

It all starts with our new Print Stories, featuring some of the most sought after running tracks in the world. Up for the challenge? How about running Central Park in New York City or Tokyo’s Uenoi Park? There’s new prints and colour pops to gear you up, as well as our completely new Sports Bra collection. This Spring and Summer we embrace a new level of femininity and introduce Odlo Sports Bras - the ultimate collaboration of support and style.

No longer does the time of day you run or the conditions you run in, matter. Odlo reveals new running layers that bring the highest level of functionality to every hour of your day. Think night running. Or be bold and step out in the Summer rain. There’s no city limits. Our focus for high-performance running and style means you’re set for every running adventure.

LP Run 07

LP Run 05

LP Run 03

So what’s on the horizon? How about running your favourite city streets? We’re set to push the limits and make new urban tracks. And when the city won’t contain you, think big. Place a pin on the map. There’s nothing stopping you get there.

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