Urban Adventure

30 Jun 2015


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Welcome to Summer Urban Adventures. As the weather heats up, we hit the streets to bring you this short guide. Check out our top 3 ways to get active and be social while making the most of any city.

1. Own the streets: Whether it’s a new city you’re visiting or one you’ve lived in all your life, there are always new areas to visit. Running in the city is an awesome way to work out and explore. Or, take it slower with a walk. A run through the city with friends can replace the gym. Not only will you get your workout done, you’ll also have the opportunity to see things off the beaten path that you otherwise may have missed. The city is made to be explored. How in-depth is up to you.

2. Cafe Hop: With cafe hotspots all over the city, your only decision this Summer will be which ones to stop at. Hopping into cafes along your way can be a great way to catch up with friends, rehydrate and recharge your daily energy.

3. Prepare for the city climate: With tall buildings and narrow streets, cities can be cool and windy. The urban climate can change quickly throughout the day and there are plenty of places in which to hide. But if you want to stay out there, make sure you’re ready to face whatever the weather throws you by layering up.

Breaking #NewGround is not just about being active, it’s about an active lifestyle. One of the best ways to lead an active lifestyle is to experience all the adventure your city has to offer you.

So get out there and create your own urban adventure. The city is waiting for you.

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